Surecomp: Streamlining Financial Trading through Digitization

Surecomp: Streamlining Financial Trading through Digitization

Lyron Wahrmann, Head of Digitization,Surecomp

Datapro: Digitally Transforming Core Banking

Javier Montero, Chief Technology Officer,Datapro

Cascade Financial Technology Corp: Fast Responsive Program Manager

Spencer Schmerling, CEO and John Bamforth, CTO,Cascade Financial Technology Corp

Artsyl: Automation for Accelerated Claims Processing

Jeffrey F. Moore, CSO & Partner,Artsyl

Banking on Trust: The Role of Security

Banking on Trust: The Role of Security

Tom Watson, VP-IT and Digital, Global CISO, Sealed Air Corporation

The Promise of Mobile

The Promise of Mobile

Shawn Rose, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer at Scotiabank

Templar Shield: The Bastion of Information Security and Compliance

Templar Shield: The Bastion of...

Sesh Vaidyula, Partner, Client Engagement and James Cluck, GRC & Engagement...

Aptic: Paving Way for Innovative Fintech Solutions

Aptic: Paving Way for Innovative...

Finn Larsen Dahl, Chief Commercial Officer,Aptic

Red Oak Compliance Solutions: Streamlining Advertising Compliance Workflows

Red Oak Compliance Solutions:...

Rick Grashel, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer,Red Oak Compliance Solutions

Cadeia: Blockchain-Powered Platform Transforming Asset Securitization

Cadeia: Blockchain-Powered Platform...

Rolf Steffens, co-founder & managing director,Cadeia

Prosystem: Facilitator of Smart Financial Administration and Management

Prosystem: Facilitator of Smart...

Francisco Valdivieso, Chief Administrative and Commercial Officer,Prosystem

The Collaboration between Banks and Service Providers in the Digital Era

The Collaboration between Banks and...

Philipp Buck, Digital Banking Expert and Manager, Soranus

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