Ron Nierzwicki, Founder and President, KSMB AssociatesRon Nierzwicki, Founder and President
While the financial landscape can be challenging, there are trusted and experienced financial professionals who can help organizations stay financially strong in today’s highly competitive environment. The need for a viable partner is stronger for small and mid-sized companies that lack the financial resources to streamline their operations.

KSMB Associates is a financial and business consulting firm that provides effective financial solutions, business management strategies, and guidance to companies of all sizes. It has created a suite of financial services that help organizations visualize and forecast their cashflows. They can gain better control over their financial metrics and make better decisions based on the data at their fingertips.

Since 1998, KSMB Associates has utilized its staff of experienced CFOs, controllers, and accountants, to work with clients in almost every industry, (including nonprofits), their auditors, lenders, and tax preparers, enabling them to streamline the client’s financial management. KSMB’s success has come from its consultants becoming an essential part of the client’s management team, not simply an outside resource.

“Our number one goal is to educate our clients to better understand their business through their financial statements,” says Ron Nierzwicki, founder and president of KSMB Associates.

Education is important as organizations often wonder why their reserves are empty even though they made profits last year. They do not realize how purchasing excessive inventory or collecting their receivables too slowly can run their cashflows dry. In these cases, KSMB Associates works closely with clients to help them understand where their extra cash is going and how they can change their strategies to conserve more capital.
Organizations can make better decisions seamlessly when they achieve transparency over their finances. KSMB Associates has garnered many satisfied clients in its journey following this simple philosophy. In one instance, it landed a large client that had previously unsuccessfully utilized other partners to help them solve their financial predicaments. KSMB Associates began by bringing all their financial issues to light; they were short on working capital, had a weak accounting team, had no visibility into manufacturing costs, ineffective financial reports, unprofitable product pricing, and non-existent budgeting. The client needed a complete overhaul. KSMB Associates, with its implementation strategy, helped the client raise their credit line by creating a budgeting plan and financial forecasts that satisfied the lender.
  • Our number one goal is to educate the people we work with and help them better understand their financial statements

In its second year with this client, KSMB Associates assisted the client in implementing an ERP system. This platform helped the client gain transparency into their labor, overhead, and material cost, forging the way for significant price increase to its customers. The client achieved a significant increase in its knowledge of their finances, operations, budget, and cash flows in a short period, and improved profitability

KSMB Associates’ journey brims with stories where clients went from being blindsided by their financials to a position where they could make well-informed decisions on running their businesses. In another instance, it worked with a Property Owner and Lessor of over 40 properties with their finances in disarray, the IRS was breathing down their neck and lenders were unwilling to loan additional funds until financial records were in excellent condition. When KSMB Associates came on board, it worked tirelessly for months to bring credibility to their financial statements. It also established budgeting, forecasting, and internal controls to streamline the client’s finances. It was a successful venture, with the lenders much more comfortable loaning additional funds.

KSMB Associates ensures an efficient implementation plan and constant support to its clients in all its services. It attributes its success to its people, who have made KSMB Associates a trusted advisor in the financial industry with their diligence and ownership.