Technologies like RPA have created more productivity and reduced cost as it takes up more mundane or complex tasks and allow staff to focus on more important issues

FREMONT, CA: The finance sector has been disrupted by innovative technology, and fintech has made managing finances easy and accessible with just one click. Banks and other firms are also utilizing the latest technologies to enhance customer experience and simplify their processes and scale services. By leveraging artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and data analytics, the financial industry can be ready for a transformation.

Here are five fintech trends to keep an eye on in 2020:

More Bank Branches will Undergo Digital Transformation

Banks are coming up with new approaches to improve the branch experience as mobile banking is gaining popularity. Implementing digital signage brings more interactive experience to branch visitors, while mobile devices help with tasks to move customers through the process efficiently and quickly.

As customers lean toward online banking, branches take advantage of the technologies to build a better in-person experience.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Finance will Expand

AI and predictive analytics have been around to assist the financial industry. With the digitization of financial sectors, AI aids chatbots give informed financial advice, helps in fraud detection, and guides in customers’ investment.

Financial Services Firms Increase their Use of Data Analytics

With the increasing growth of the Internet of Things and other digital devices, more information is available for financial firms to monitor and analyze. With all the information gathered from swiping credit or debit cards, businesses can identify fraud or breaches and examine the risks.

Automation will take over Financial Services

Automation is cheap, accurate, and efficient and can quickly get work done. Financial firms are implementing bots to automate internal tasks such as responding to IT tickets or accounts receivable. Technologies like RPA have created more productivity and reduced cost as it takes up more mundane or complex tasks and allows staff to focus on more important issues.

Blockchain will be a Key Security Solution

Blockchain can be utilized as a security solution with various points of verification built into each transaction. This multipoint verification protects the information being transferred and develops a detailed record in each step. This is a safety measure, especially for customers who want to move large amounts of money.

Blockchain technology makes peer-to-peer transfers in a decentralized network with no middle man to charge a fee, which helps saves money.

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