Arnold von Bueren, Founder and CEO, TCG Process  , TCG ProcessArnold von Bueren, Founder and CEO, TCG Process
With the rise of digital-only banks, traditional brickand-mortar banks must update their customer-facing processes to meet ever-rising customer demand for speed, accuracy, and security. Banks are known to take long periods to add a tick box in a questionnaire into their systems. Customers expect immediate service, and service level agreements (SLAs) often demand that banks respond to account opening requests within 2-3 hours or otherwise risk losing business to the competition. Today, people choose a bank because of its responsiveness.

TCG Process provides a nextgeneration enterprise process automation platform, DocProStar, which helps banks leverage the latest technology to operate smarter and faster and deliver outstanding results for customers. DocProStar efficiently processes high volumes of incoming content in any format from any channel and obtains, validates and verifies actionable business information with a high level of automation and minimal human intervention. It automates end-toend processes for a wide variety of datacentric use cases in banking such as account opening, lease applications, consumer credit, mortgages, accounts payable, and digital mailrooms for banks. “DocProstar is well suited to cover all the content processing needs that a financial institute has,” states Arnold von Bueren, founder and CEO of TCG Process.

For instance, a customer provides required information for account opening in various formats such as paper or electronic and via multiple channels, be it post, email, or mobile app. DocProStar first digitizes and standardizes the information received for further processing organizing it into an account opening dossier. Then the platform uses artificial intelligence to classify all content and determine the various document types automatically. DocProStar then validates that the dossier meets the requirements of the business process, including verifying that all required documents are included and in the correct order, confirmation that the extracted information is accurate and at the same time checking that data remains consistent across the dossier. Utilizing the bank’s business rules, DocProStar reviews the dossier to ensure that it is complete, and rules are accurately matched. Once the formalization is complete, all documents and data are seamlessly handed over into the bank’s existing systems to execute the transaction.

TCG Process’ technology has helped a major bank handle over 1.000car loan requests per day by reducing their earlier formalization duration of 5-6 days of manual labor to 15 minutes of wholly automated backend operations. In an account opening case where over 4.500 accounts are opened daily, it significantly reduced the operator count from 80 to 13, the bank is now able to collect six times more information about its customers within the same SLA.
Why Companies Use SWOT AnalysisSixto Suñé, CEO, TCG International

We have one of the most agile systems out there to react to the changing needs of the markets and the environment

The bank has simultaneously improved efficiency, reduced risk, increased quality and improved customer experience, enabling them to provide a whole range of different products and services.In the latter case, TCG Process deployed its platform in about three months, but it took eight to nine months to go live since the bank needed to bring all its other systems in sync with DocProStar. “We can also have this platform linked to online web services that a bank may have,” adds Sixto Suñé, CEO of TCG International.

CG International. If a bank decides to change any rules pertaining to potential clients’ interest rate or creditworthiness for a certain amount of loan, those new regulations will get updated in DocProStar in real-time. “We have one of the most agile systems out there to react to the changing needs of the markets and the environment,” adds Suñé. Banks previously outsourced most of their backend processes but they also outsourced a lot of decisionmaking power along with it. Soon, they realized that by only outsourcing the labor, TCG Process’ platform allows them to regain control of a process and decide whether the actual labor of a process can be done internally by the bank or done partially or totally by a third party.

DocProStar can easily compete in any geography, and that is why TCG Process is expanding rapidly globally and exploring for good partners to deploy the solution. The company is announcing a major new software release this June and a new mobile capture application. At the same time, it is also focused on the automation of manual processes within the platform to help banks expand the scope of products and services they provide. “We want to be longterm suppliers to our customers, even in a fast-changing world,” concludes von Bueren.