Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, February 2,2023

Feature of the Week

: The CFO's office and how it functions have evolved dramatically over the last few decades.  Read more
Business owners will have to deal with loads of responsibilities to ensure that their business follows a positive graph.  Read more
“I’m very excited to join the Altaley team and work with Mike and the rest of the organization to take Altaley to the next level. I look forward to contributing to achieve Altaley's future aspirations  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Zain Shaikh, Co-founder and COO  
Aviot Industries is a privately owned company. The company’s portfolio comprises of globally recognized and respected brands and aims to deliver long-term capital appreciation through investments in wide array of different industries.  Read more
By Carrie Wisniewski, President & Founder, and Mark M. Oswald, Chief Compliance Officer  
Bridge Capital Associates is a firm that allows professionals to conduct their investment banking and M&A activities in an environment that is conducive to compliance with the regulations while making sure that it’s protecting the interests of...  Read more

Industry Contributors

By Donald Maher, Vice President, Tax, Mohawk Industries  
Donald Maher is an accomplished and dedicated Tax, Treasury, and Finance Executive with extensive...  Read more
By Blue Macellari, Head of Digital Assets Strategy - Global Trading at T. Rowe Price  
As the ripple effects of the collapse of offshore crypto exchange FTX continue to unfold, there will...  Read more
By Nikola Petkovic, Head of Digital Channels, OTP banka Srbija  
Technological evolution, i.e. changing society as a result of technological development, has undergone...  Read more