Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Sep 29, 2022

Feature of the Week

The global financial landscape has changed as a result of the digital ecosystem. Mergers and acquisitions have significantly increased due to collaboration and partnerships among various entities.  Read more
All sectors and businesses are witnessing a rapid evolution of customer expectations.  Read more
Financial technology has revolutionized the global financial sector and radically altered how we store, invest, transfer, and borrow money.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Carine M. Schneider, President  
Astrella specializes in providing the next generation, integrated global platform that helps private companies manage ownership data securely and effectively  Read more
By Manon Fortes, Marketing and Communications Manager and Alexandra Durán, Consultant Manager  
MetaCase is a financial flow management solution and services provideroffering tailor-made systems for its clients to have an easy method to connect to their banks and retrieve information pertaining to payments and collections.  Read more

Industry Contributors

By Christopher Huntley, VP, Senior Portfolio Manager, Equity Strategist, Simmons Bank  
Over the past few months when speaking with friends and family I’ve had one question that has...  Read more
By Kim Siren, Head of Fraud Management at OP Financial Group  
The past few years have been extraordinary in many aspects in the banking sector as well due to...  Read more