Anish Kapoor, CEO, AccessPayAnish Kapoor, CEO
Retail banking has evolved dramatically over the years with embedded finance now part of our everyday lives. From ordering and paying for a taxi through an app, to being able to view, spend and transfer money as easily as sending a text message. Consumers have already experienced the four waves of banking: starting firstly in-branch, we moved to telephone and internet banking, before finally arriving at the embedded experience we have today.

But corporate banking hasn’t caught up yet, and we’re still stuck in the third wave. Why? Because corporate banking is complex, which makes innovation much harder compared to modern retail banking. That said, businesses are evolving fast and banking services will need to adapt with them to continue meeting their needs.

AccessPay is leading the fourth wave of corporate banking by democratising access to financial services for businesses. We empower finance and treasury teams with access to technology that takes the complexity out of business banking to give corporates the same experiences that we, as consumers, have come to expect in our day-to-day lives.

The Embedded Corporate Banking Framework focuses on four key components:

Connectivity: Creating seamless connections between business-critical finance applications, payment rails and your corporate banking partners.

Automation: Enabling the interoperability of financial messages between banks and back-office systems is key to supporting efficient and secure banking operations.

Control: Securing operations with bank-grade levels of security is essential to help corporates reduce potential threats, enhance payment controls and aid compliance.
Visibility: Centralising corporate banking estates is key to supporting daily cash positioning, monitoring payment submissions and enhancing overall financial decision making.

AccessPay bridges the gap between back-office systems and banks, creating smart, simple, and secure banking experiences for medium to-large businesses, enabling clients to visualise, manage and automate financial operations while accelerating financial procedures such as handling payroll, accounts payables, or accounts receivables by connecting business critical finance applications, payment rails, and corporate banking partners. As finance applications produce varied file formats, processing and unifying data for reporting is laborious and time-intensive. AccessPay resolves this by creating a hassle-free financial experience for its clients; automating payments via international payment schemes or host-to-host banking solutions such as SWIFT, SEPA, Bacs, Faster Payments, and CHAPS from a single location.

“With AccessPay’s solutions, users can visualise cash lifecycles to forecast their expected financial situation at regular intervals so they can implement efficient strategies and take informed financial decisions,” says Anish Kapoor, CEO of AccessPay.

With AccessPay’s solutions, users can visualise cash lifecycles to forecast their expected financial situation at regular intervals so they can implement efficient strategies and take informed financial decisions

The solutions provided by AccessPay can empower finance and treasury teams to visualise, control, and optimise cash flow banking relationships and payment runs. AccessPay also consolidates balances and transactions across clients’ entire banking estate through a single interface, meaning that cash positions can be managed and optimised through AccessPay’s Cash management solution in real-time; assisting treasury teams in creating intra-day and daily liquidity reports for informed decision-making.

AccessPay has the resource, knowledge, and technology to help solve complex corporate banking challenges and embed corporate banking services across the finance and treasury function of any business of any size. Embedded Corporate Banking is here to revolutionise forecasting and decision making processes and democratise access to modern financial services for businesses.