Dave O'Brien, CEO, Agreement ExpressDave O'Brien, CEO
The wealth management industry is amidst a massive change. For decades, wealth firms, along with their clients, have been forced to deal with the status quo—operating within inefficient processes that stall growth, impede differentiation and frustrate great experiences. The evolving generation of investors and shifting demographics in clientele, however, are creating demand for more seamless and flexible onboarding processes that drive exceptional customer experience (CX). These drastic shifts in the market present a new challenge for wealth firms— to improve CX and meet client demand, while reducing operational inefficiencies that stunt revenue growth and limit profit margins.

The team at Agreement Express studied the wealth market and set out to reimagine and reshape the way advisors onboard clients. Agreement Express, a SaaS solution that provides end-to-end digital client onboarding allows wealth firms to onboard clients in one seamless experience. Unlike point solutions that merely offer e-signature or limited digital documentation, the Agreement Express platform allows an advisor to launch a new account opening application, deliver a single signing package with multi-custodian forms to a client, collect a digital (or wet) signature and send the signing package to a custodian, all in one interface. The platform also includes an advisor workspace that centralizes all account information, as well as deep analytics and reporting that provide instant, real-time visibility into account and application status.

When an individual wants to open a new account with an advisor, or switch from one investment advisor to another, they are required to submit multiple forms, all requiring a vast amount of the same information. The typical process is inefficient and, in some cases, may take over a month to complete. The Agreement Express platform, on the other hand, enables wealth advisors to expedite the entire end-to-end onboarding process through digital forms and automation. What used to take weeks or months, can now be done in a matter of days. "We transform processes that historically have been painstaking and a barrier to creating an incredible customer experience," says Dave O’Brien, Agreement Express CEO. “Our credo is simple—to enable financial services firms to grow revenue and profitability, drive down servicing costs, simplify compliance, and optimize the onboarding experience.”

Reimagining Boarding & Approvals for Payments Companies

Agreement Express is equally committed to transforming the way payments companies underwrite, approve and board merchants. Similar to the wealth industry, the payments industry is feeling the pressure to provide exceptional CX. Namely, payments firms like ISOs and payfacs are looking for ways to board merchants more quickly and assess risk instantly. The underwriting process, in particular, consumes a significant amount of time—the entirety of which can take 30-40 days to complete, and includes a significant amount of paperwork and manual processes.

The Agreement Express software electronically collects the all required data and uses a proprietary risk assessment scorecard to underwrite merchant applications digitally, and in a matter of minutes. Based on the score, the software can automatically approve or reject a merchant application. By reducing the cost and time that comes with underwriting, Agreement Express customers are able to acquire a higher volume of merchants, more quickly, and merchants are able to experience faster time to revenue.

“Our strategy is to help our customers provide frictionless payments for all parties involved in the payments value chain,” says O’Brien.

Our credo is simple — to enable financial services firms to grow revenue and profitability, drive down servicing costs, simplify compliance, and optimize the onboarding experience

“The payments industry is complex, and all too often, not customer-centric. We strive to remove roadblocks, alleviate pains and reduce the frustrations that often come during underwriting, boarding and other back-office processes, so that our customers can provide a unique, seamless and secure underwriting and boarding experience for their clients. This helps our customers realize increased levels of merchant acquisition and brand loyalty.”

Core Values that Focus on Customer Experience

With a commitment to developing a customer-centric platform that drives growth, Agreement Express leads the way in transforming the otherwise inefficient and archaic ways of underwriting and onboarding clients in the wealth and payments industries.

“What we’ve set out to do is tremendously complicated,” says O’Brien. “In an effort to make it appear easy and feel effortless to our customers, we’ve implemented various models for development and implementation during our maturation process as a SaaS organization. We’ve gone through some growing pains over the years, and we’ve learned a lot from our mistakes. Disappointing customers in the past has led to a shift in the way we operate. Most notably, in our approach to enhance the platform. We’ve implemented robust internal and external feedback loops with current customers, past customers, partners and market experts to ensure that we’re making bleeding edge improvements that solve real problems and help our customers achieve their desired business outcomes.”

The team at Agreement Express is comprised of a knowledgeable and passionate group of people working toward revolutionizing the wealth and payments spaces. The domain expertise of the Agreement Express employees is unparalleled—and is one of the company’s greatest competitive advantages. No one has focused on the issue of true end-to-end customer onboarding longer and harder. Agreement Express is reimaging the possibilities in the wealth and payments industries with respect to underwriting and onboarding and are redefining the industry standard for what the employee and customer experience should be in these environments.

Agreement Express recently developed new Core Values for the company that ultimately drive a better customer and employee experience. “Our core values at Agreement Express are: Wow the Customer, Step Up, Own It, Be a Team, Be Curious & Creative, and Have Fun,” says O’Brien. “At the center of everything is our customer. In order to truly deliver an exceptional experience, we focus 100% on delivering relevant solutions that solve real problems. This means we check our egos at the door, we raise the bar for ourselves and each other, take accountability for our actions and decisions, think outside the box and embrace the adventure that comes with being part of the everchanging B2B SaaS world. We work hard and work smart, and have a great time doing it.”

"Our focus is to continue to enhance the Agreement Express solution in ways that are most meaningful for our clients—partnering with them to drive success for their organizations through the use of sophisticated, relevant and intuitive technology," concludes O’Brien.