Richard Beleutz, CEO, AIR Asset ManagementRichard Beleutz, CEO
Investors and fund managers are looking to diversify their portfolios owing to the volatility associated with traditional asset classes across the world. As a result, alternative investments, especially life settlements, have been gaining traction as they seek to deliver steady returns with low exposure to financial risks. The returns of life settlements, which are life insurance policies bought and sold on the secondary market, are entirely dependent on the death benefit promised by the insurer, creating an asset uncorrelated to the traditional stock and bond markets. Capitalizing on this unique opportunity, AIR Asset Management oversees strategies that allocate to life settlements to provide qualified investors with a steady yet secure investment channel.

Founded in 2014, AIR Asset Management manages several longevity-based investment products allowing qualified investors to access attractive risk-adjusted returns. The boutique alternative asset manager—currently handling assets worth over 600 million dollars— provides investors with a sense of stability with the many opportunities it creates in the secondary market.

“We have historically delivered annualized double-digit, non-correlated yields to our investors. Our investment strategies are designed to deliver asymmetric risk and return. That is where we add value,” says Richard Beleutz, Founder and CEO of AIR Asset Management. The company’s flagship multistrategy life settlement fund is comprised of insurance policies, life-contingent annuities, and private credit. In addition to the death benefits collected from each policy, returns are also derived after the sale of life settlements back to the market. The fund, designed to provide high-net-worth family offices and small financial institutions an innovative solution for diversification, is now coveted by wealth advisors and institutional investors. AIR Asset Management’s multi-strategy approach allows clients to allocate funds into their private credit suite or use it as a source of alternative fixed income in their portfolio.
AIR Asset Management’s allocation strategies further emphasize portfolio diversification, liquidity, and efficient cash flow management. The asset allocation of the funds is tasked to a committee featuring experienced investment professionals to ensure that life settlements are complemented by structured settlements, which are long mortality and positive cash flow assets. In addition, the company’s longevity-based lending and the private credit bucket add to cashflow intensive investments, increasing liquidity and risk management advantages.

We have historically delivered annualized double-digit, non-correlated yields to our investors. Our investment strategies are designed to deliver asymmetric risk and return. That is where we add value

Even as life settlements enter the portfolios of high-networth individuals and established fund houses, there are many barriers to accessing niche investment opportunities. AIR Asset Management forges strategic industry partnerships with prominent asset managers in the longevity space to circumvent the idiosyncrasies of the lesser-known market. The insights gathered from each partner, coupled with the expertise of its talented team, enables it to consistently deliver double-digit returns compared to the fluctuating yields from the stock market.

Beyond its robust financial capabilities, it is interesting to note that AIR Asset Management has also been paying close attention to its carbon footprint. “We believe in environmental stewardship and social responsibility, as individuals and as a team,” says Beleutz. The company is a Signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and incorporates environmental, social, and governance factors into its corporate philosophy. Although its investments, in theory, have little inclination toward improving the environment, the company is striving to advocate for social sustainability while stabilizing investor portfolios.