David Hartley, VP,  All Claims Adjustment BureauDavid Hartley, VP
It is widely accepted that consistency is one of the central pillars of success in the business world. Delivering high-quality products and services consistently allows companies to build trust with their customers and operate efficiently and profitably.

All Claims Adjustment Bureau––a leading independent adjusting firm––is a shining example of the benefits of putting consistency at the heart of a company’s value proposition. Based in Washington, DC, it has a truly nationwide presence with a team of highly experienced field investigators, adjusters, and appraisers who are available around the clock for any type of claim.

All Claims Adjustment Bureau has expertise in diverse areas, ranging from auto and trucking liability incidents to landlord and tenant disputes. The company deals with claims involving construction injuries, elevator accidents, fraud, pest-control claims, product liability, ocean and inland marine, and all types of property damage.

“Consistency and full spectrum service is something our clients find really valuable,” says David Hartley, VP of All Claims Adjustment Bureau. “Being able to offer the same level of service across the U.S. and one-stop shopping means our clients don’t have to deal with many different adjustment firms and can depend on us for a uniform work product catered to their needs regardless of where the claim is. Because we pay attention to each client’s specific needs and learn their preferences, we eliminate the need for them to repeat the same information time and again to new vendors when assigning claims. They know they can rely on us to address the needs of their specific accounts or programs, wherever they are.”

A key component of All Claims Adjustment Bureau’s offering is its ‘Dedicated Adjuster Program,’ where clients are assigned a dedicated adjuster who acts as a permanent point of contact for all queries on their claims at no additional charge. The program was introduced with an eye toward building long-lasting business relationships with clients. With a single point of contact privy to the needs and preferences of each client, All Claims not only ensures that their clients know exactly who they should communicate with about any claims-related queries, but also guarantees that all needs of the account are met on each assignment, regardless of what area of the USA the loss occurs. For these reasons, the ‘Dedicated Adjuster Program’ has quickly become a popular aspect of its service offering.

For clients who handle claims for special programs or accounts or have a large volume of assignments, All Claims Adjustment Bureau’s nationwide uniform services and Dedicated Adjuster Program prove to be highly beneficial.
As part of this program, for clients concerned about travel costs, the company is willing to limit its travel and mileage charges to 30 miles each way, unless air or marine travel is required or requested.

One of the core strengths of All Claims Adjustment Bureau is quickly understanding how clients prefer their claims to be handled and their favored communication methods, and adapting to the same. In addition, the company regularly works with self-insured companies either directly or via their third-party administrators (TPAs). All Claims understands that handling claims for self-insureds is not just about achieving a favorable outcome on each claim, but also an opportunity for upper management to gain insight into their business. For example, All Claims has the ability, upon request, to keep customizable loss runs on each self-insured, including the ability to list causation and subdivide the loss runs into the various divisions within a company or subsidiaries; this allows management to assess volume and types of claims in certain locations or areas of the business. All Claims is then able to assist with suggestions on how to reduce claims and improve safety in different areas of the business, evening offering TPA’s and Self Insured’s additional inspection services in conjunction with claims handling.

Being able to offer the same level of service across the U.S. means our clients don’t have to deal with different adjustment firms. They do not have to repeat the same information time and again. They know they can rely on us wherever they are

These additional services help self-insureds achieve a comprehensive understanding of their operations and their areas of strengths and weaknesses- all factors that help companies protect their public image and reputation.

“We advise them on areas where they’re experiencing more claims and pass on our recommendations on measures that can be taken to reduce those numbers,” says Hartley. “In the construction sector, for example, we work with their safety teams to provide insight on the types of claims they are experiencing and make recommendations to keep incident numbers low. This helps our clients understand what safety measures they can implement to reduce claims.”

For companies with high deductible policies, All Claims Adjustment Bureau also has experience acting as a liaison between the company and their insurance carrier, to assure claims are reported timely, accurately, and handled in the best interest of the company.

Backed by an incredible team comprising hundreds of adjusters, inspectors, photographers, and friendly attorneys, All Claims Adjustment Bureau has celebrated numerous significant customer success stories over the years. Given how it carefully tailors its approach to customer needs, it’s not difficult to see why. No job is too large or too small to handle for the All Claims Adjustment Bureau team.