James S. Gibbons, Founder and Wealth Manager, Alpha Pointe CapitalJames S. Gibbons, Founder and Wealth Manager
Investing can be intimidating for some people, especially those without the necessary time or expertise. In addition, with so many investment alternatives on the market today, choosing the best option can be challenging. Wealth and investment advisors are essential to assist investors in making optimal investment decisions and achieving their financial objectives. They can help investors build a robust and diversified portfolio with reduced risk of losing their principal money, which is pre-emptive for long-term investment success.

Alpha Pointe Capital’s (APC) competency lies in this approach. A boutique investment advisory and wealth management company, APC has vast resources and experience to provide corporate employees with 401(k) retirement plans and assist high-net-worth individuals and top executives with wealth management services. It is backed by a highly skilled team working round the clock to support businesses and corporate leaders of emerging industries to navigate complex financial circumstances.

“Our support for emerging industries runs deep as APC understands the many issues that face nascent industries,” says James S. Gibbons, Founder and Wealth Manager of APC.

Unlike many others, APC doesn’t provide cookie-cutter investment models. “Our strategy is to invest in strength. This approach is based on the law of supply and demand. We provide comprehensive investment plans looking at the stock market trends as it provides better inference toward the market’s direction,” states Gibbons. “The trend is your friend until it ends.”

It provides up to date investment selection models as a part of its wealth management plans, which give top leaders optimal risk-adjusted returns and peace of mind. It also offers advisory services across the entire range of asset classes, both domestic and global.
APC believes in spending significant time analysing stock market charts and applying technical analysis methods to uncover market trends, whether moving upward, downward, or stable. “We have three investment decisions every day for our investments, buy, hold, or sell,” shares Gibbons.

APC through daily chart analysis, we identify trends and navigate the fog of information through daily news using technical analysis on top of traditional fundamental methods, determining the strongest picks for investment selection. APC prefers investing in individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs. These types of securities offer coverage in most major asset classes and provide investors with a greater scope of markets to participate in.

Its advisory services begin with understanding a client’s goals and objectives to tailor fitting strategies. Its team looks at portfolios that need immediate attention and the time horizon and makes recommendations on how to proceed to best help clients achieve their short- and long-term investment goals.
  • Our strategy is to invest in strength. This approach is based on the law of supply and demand

APC’s complete and wide variety of 401(k) services support employees in saving for retirement. According to a survey by AARP Research, most workers in the U.S. do not have access to a retirement plan at work. Now, state governments across the country are developing State Mandated Retirement Plans to address this issue. APC works toward building effective retirement savings vehicles for those lacking this access across generations and populations. Its 401(k) plans are practical, easily accessible, economical, and may serve as the basis for some people’s retirement. Additionally, advisors at APC are credentialed with Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA) that was developed by some of the nation’s leading advisors and retirement plan experts.

APC puts great effort into trying to reduce worries, confusion, and stresses associated with the current investment and stock market realm. It plays a crucial role and brings a lot of value to investors going through a rough patch. It’s hard to monitor wealth and investment when someone is emotionally blinded. APC has a collaborative environment to work effectively and help customers meet their financial goals. It has also established a strong base of knowledge using internal and external feedback, creating an exciting future for our clients.