Michael Simon, CFA, AlphaMark AdvisorsMichael Simon, CFA
Investment is crucial, as it accelerates the growth of an individual’s hard-earned money and generates additional income. However, maintaining a robust investment portfolio through bear markets is challenging. To survive these market downturns, investors need expert advice to guide them in choosing the right investments and help them build a long-term investment portfolio that will match their risk/reward profile.

AlphaMark Advisors, a seasoned registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, can help guide investors to create a customized investment plan, based on their specific needs even amidst a bear market.

“For a successful investment plan in a bear market, especially in case of long-term investments, investors must choose stocks of companies that have high cash flows and strong balance sheets, instead of investing in bitcoin and high-flying stocks,” says Michael Simon, CFA at AlphaMark Advisors.

Founded in 1999, AlphaMark is an independent boutique firm specializing in providing wealth management services that are targeted at each investor’s unique financial circumstances. The firm offers high-quality in-house portfolio management and financial planning services, operating as the client’s fiduciary while designing portfolios and providing financial guidance. “We have experienced multiple bear markets since inception, and have helped numerous clients protect against downside risk by taking a long-term view and following a conservative approach,” adds Simon. AlphaMark Advisors is registered with the SEC and provides investment advisory services to high net-worth individuals, company 401k plans, trusts, a mutual fund and an ETF.

AlphaMark is a fee-only advisory firm that puts the client’s best interests first and does not utilize high-commission investments.
The firm manages comprehensive financial plans for their clients, covering everything from Social Security and Medicare to life insurance/ long-term care annuities and retirement planning. They also review estates and wills as part of the financial planning process.

While designing a portfolio, AlphaMark conducts a robust screening process to select companies with strong balance sheets and high cash flows. Along with this conservative approach to maintaining a balanced portfolio, they have reduced exposure to bonds with undo credit risks to ensure liquidity during periods of high volatility. To that end, the firm is currently investing in U.S. Treasury Bonds, US Government Agency Bonds and US Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) for the fixed income components of their portfolios. Before creating an investment portfolio for clients, AlphaMark evaluates a client’s ability to tolerate risks. Depending on whether they are investing for retirement or planning an inheritance for future generations, they advise clients based on how conservative or aggressive the client wishes to be.
  • We have experienced multiple bear markets since inception, and have helped numerous clients protect against downside risk by taking a long-term view and following a conservative approach

Prior to every client engagement, AlphaMark conducts meetings with their clients reviewing their background and existing financial plans to outline any weaknesses in their current financial situation and address them. Ongoing wealth management is provided, including recommendations for other aspects of their financial life. The relationship requires staying proactive and guiding investment decisions.

AlphaMark’s clients consider them to be their financial quarterback. In addition to financial planning and execution, AlphaMark also considers tax implications as markets change, creating opportunities to harvest losses, reduce risk and offset any outstanding taxable gains.

AlphaMark Advisors’ commitment to going above and beyond to support clients, combined with an analytical approach to designing customized investment portfolios, positions them as an essential component of a client’s investment planning strategy especially in a bear market.