Jeffrey F. Moore, CSO & Partner, Artsyl Jeffrey F. Moore, CSO & Partner
The quest to drive down operational costs while improving the time to market, and ensuring that the information captured on forms is accurate, are some of the goals that the healthcare claims processing sector has long strived to achieve. However, even as businesses work hard to bring this to fruition, the results are still unsatisfactory. A majority of organizations struggle with vast amounts of documents and healthcare claims forms as they still follow traditional practices of manually entering data into their EMR, EHR, or claims processing systems. Since the process is prone to errors due to human intervention, there is a growing demand for faster, error-free processing and payments in healthcare claims. A distinctive solution that can automate the workflow can bring a world of difference to the claims processing arena. And this becomes a reality with the help of Artsyl Technologies.

As an enterprise that focuses on intelligent automation technology, Artsyl helps organizations that process medical claims in automating their routine business processes for better efficiency, visibility, and data accuracy. Underpinned by an intelligent data capture program, and cognitive technologies like AI and ML, Artsyl’s business process automation solution focuses on streamlining the business workflows and processing documents in significantly less time. “Our solution solves some distinct challenges in healthcare claims processing by helping organizations automate their different processes cost-effectively thereby achieving more efficiency,” says Jeffrey F. Moore, Chief Sales Officer and Partner of Artsyl Technologies.

Through its digital transformation platform, docAlpha, Artsyl seamlessly processes healthcare claims documents by extracting data from different CMS forms like HCFAs, UBs, or dental records, organizing, and managing them quickly and easily. As an automated data capture system, docAlpha lays the foundation for intelligent automation applications like ClaimAction, which focuses explicitly on healthcare claims processing automation and assists healthcare-oriented insurers, payers, BPOs, or associated service providers in accelerating their claims process.
docAlpha captures and extracts data from documents, validates data with business rules, automatically routes vast streams of data for approval, and creates records in ERPs, CRMs, or other business applications, thus driving down the time and operational costs.

docAlpha can be deployed in a wide range of projects starting from small scale businesses to large enterprises. Artsyl follows an agile process where the team first understands the customer requirements and their business logic through an assessment process and develops a plan that addresses their specific needs to finally deploy the solution in an iterative manner. The team ensures that they follow a comprehensive implementation plan throughout the process right from the initial deployment, automating the workflow, training, and end-user acceptance testing to getting the product functional. From organizations that process a few thousand claims per month to large companies that handle claims in hundreds of millions, the implementation can be completed within days or months, depending on the complexity of the business process.

Artsyl’s myriad of solutions comprised of InvoiceAction, OrderAction, RemittanceAction, ExpenseAction and ClaimAction benefit customers in the manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, financial services, and government sectors. These solutions are built to address specific challenges– for instance InvoiceAction automates the processing of supplier invoices while OrderAction handles customer sales orders.

With a strong emphasis on enhancing its offerings to serve its customers better, Artsyl continues to push its boundaries and is working toward developing and advancing its AI and ML capabilities. By partnering with global technology companies such as Appian, Blue Prism, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle, Artsyl is furthering the value add of its solution portfolio. On the technology front, the company is currently focusing on its fall release, where it will add an internally developed AI-based neural network engine to its platform. “As a technologyfocused company, we are not trying to just deploy technology but use it innovatively to solve customer-specific problems. That is what separates us from others,” concludes Moore.