Carine M. Schneider, President, AstrellaCarine M. Schneider, President
Your pitch has hit the bull’s eye, secured the investments, and completed your new startup’s equity financing. While this is a moment worthy of celebration, it’s also a signal indicating the need for the introduction of a new business management tool, i.e., the cap table, to handle the equity ownership of the business at each stage. However, most business owners respond to this need with the most basic solution and end up manually creating a cap table, using Excel or Google Sheets. However, using those primitive tools to manage a financial resource as crucial as the cap table can be a hassle to keep it up-to-date and organized.

Functioning as a leading cap table management solution provider since 2019, Astrella specializes in providing the next gen, integrated global platform, helping private companies manage their ownership data more securely and effectively.

Built by integrating the powerful trio of AI, private block chain, and Workflow-as-a-Service (WaaS) into one, Astrella’s proprietary software solution allows for real-time, cloud-based, self-service management of private company shareholders’ and employees’ stock plan data. “We’re the only cap table management platform that leverages both block chain and AI,” says Carine M. Schneider, the President of Astrella.

Having blockchain technology at its core enables the Astrella Platform to track the “genealogy of a share,” while ensuring transparency and complete control of ownership records. This is ideal, as clients can now view all changes made to the ownership of shares in a few seconds, unlike traditional database software. The easy-to-use solution allows private companies to easily reconcile ownership at the time of exit by eliminating the need to hire expensive forensic accountants to dig out the history. AI, on the other hand, can scan through the actual source documents (such as purchase agreements) and empower the platform to alleviate administrative nuances and ensure data integrity.

The combination of such technologies and its exceptional modeling capability make the Astrella platform the most sought after solution for private companies.
An extremely sophisticated set of modeling tools allows clients to draw a complete picture of their expenses before they go exit and pay the shareholders. The solution also provides deep insights on ideal exit plans, impacts of going public and taking additional funds, and returns for investors based on sale price. By providing audited information through a secure and compliant channel, Astrella provides clients with the right data for precise decision making.

Furthermore, Astrella’s extensive reporting capability helps set the company apart from its competition. Reports are written by a team of well-trained support staff rather than engineers, making the process much faster than its competitors. Astrella will also generate an easily downloadable report library, where clients can find answers to nearly all of their queries. The company’s offerings also include a powerful mobile app and an online browser application that helps employees and investors see what they own and the associated documents. Clients can also connect directly with related service providers to support efficient workflow and provide access to investors, advisors, and employees.
  • We’re the only cap table management platform that leverages both blockchain and AI

Astrella’s robust solution and its multi-generational background in financial services and financial asset management has enabled it to serve a broad clientele of private companies from 27 different countries. In one instance, a client approached Astrella with a query identifying their existing provider’s lack of understanding in the domain. The company’s certified equity professional (CEP) immediately answered the question. They were so impressed with its deep understanding of the equity space, that the client decided to join hands with Astrella in their future business journey. In response, team Astrella started converting their data and noticed that the client was not confident about the data integrity. The company went about digging down their source documents to find gaps and gather the right data. With Astrella’s highly attuned white-glove services and knowledge, they were able to enable their client to optimize their ownership data management.

“As an agile company backed by a large corporate, we have access to all resources to keep our innovation wheel rolling and stay at the forefront in helping private companies navigate the complex cap table management process,” says Carine.