Marcy Kohchet - Chua, Chief Revenue Officer, ATRAMMarcy Kohchet - Chua, Chief Revenue Officer
Wealth management is personal and requires a trustworthy partner while traversing the complex investment landscape. The partner’s focus shouldn’t be on selling a particular portfolio; the investor’s interest and personal journey with previous partners should also be considered.

ATRAM is a partner that believes in understanding the investors’ investment journey before helping them make decisions about managing their portfolios. A standalone Trust Corporation, ATRAM provides investment solutions and personalized wealth management solutions. “We are a rare entity in the Philippines because we are standalone in the sense that we are not connected to any bank or insurance organization,” says Marcy Kohchet - Chua, Chief Revenue Officer, ATRAM. From institutional investors to mass market clients, ATRAM serves the entire gamut of investors.

It usually receives client requests to manage partial portfolios or advise them on investment-related decisions.

To deliver its client’s needs, it focuses on professional research, analysis, and forecasting expertise to design strategic asset allocation and investment portfolios. This has helped ATRAM move away from selling products to clients and, instead, offer a range of services that help create a better and personalized investment portfolio. It can complement and combine benefits with opportunistic or tactical investments that clients can participate in choosing.
Often, after a client has availed of a particular service from ATRAM, it segues speedily into opting for the flagship discretionary portfolio management services. Within the discretionary investment management accounts, ATRAM furnishes the flexibility to have the company as a portfolio manager for a complete set of assets for the clients. This provides global and local exposure to various funds and assets, including private and public assets.

The team at ATRAM stays on the curve to design best-in-class investment strategies. For instance, many indicators suggested a challenging ride for equities in 2022. Rising rates were only going to benefit those buying equity products. In anticipation, ATRAM had to visualize investors’ dilemma, as the search for yield would be at the top of their minds. To overcome this, it designed a balanced income strategy. This was made available as a choice for clients looking for predictability of yield but didn’t want to hold anything below maturity. It also had real estate investment trusts and tactical assets like FX-linked notes. The strategy was designed in December 2021 and was made available to clients in early 2022.
  • We are a rare entity in the Philippines because we are completely standalone in the sense that we are not connected to any bank or insurance organization

ATRAM keeps up with the changes happening worldwide, and a true ref lection of this is the Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF). ATRAM was one of the first asset managers in the Philippines to assimilate its financial institution and offer a UITF specifically with a scoring system around sustainability and developmental growth. The fund has performed better than the PSEi exchange. ATRAM is now looking for companies genuinely embracing, changing, and transforming themselves to become responsive to all the changes brought about by the weather, the environment, and natural resources. The passion, focus, and commitment to SDG has made ATRAM a recognized resource in the Philippines by stakeholders.