Established as a growth capital investment, Aviot Industries delivers long-term capital appreciation through investments across a wide array of industry verticals and offers clients premium benefits and asset security. As a result, the company keeps true to its mission statement—Driving Humanity Forward.

Aviot Industries’ main value proposition is the ability to provide exposure to markets not easily accessible to investors in the North American and European investment space. This year, the company’s focus has been the proliferating African market with its fund’s secured exposure in the mining, energy, and infrastructure markets.

“Aviot was formed due to a gap in a modern growth capital investment firm in Canada. Almost 80% of active fund managers underperformed compared to the major indices in 2022. (CNBC, 2022). We wanted to provide a service where investors can be secured in their investment and the growth of their asset portfolio.” says the company’s spokesperson.

In regards to profitable exposure, Aviot Industries solely pursues markets exhibiting a favorable rate of growth.
The company’s proprietary filtering process ensures that these markets will continue to grow for the next 30 years. This approach enables Aviot to confidently project positive growth rates for its investors. Additionally, the firm ensures revenue and profit stability for its investments through the utilization of at least three revenue-stabilizing instruments in its operations.

“The Canadian investment market is currently lacking options for obtaining secure access to rapidly expanding global markets. In response, Aviot offers secure investments that have historically performed to achieve double-digit growth rates,” says the company’s spokesperson.
  • At Aviot, we are committed to advancing humanity through our strategic investment and providing secured returns

For instance, an ultra-high-net-worth client approached Aviot Industries’ executive team to assist them with the formation and holistic planning of the family’s estate. They were disadvantaged due to their geographical location and were unsure how to navigate the market because of certain circumstances. Aviot Industries assisted the client by corresponding with their diverse network of partners and clients to support them with their financial goals. Due to their public reputation within their geographical domain of influence, the dedicated account manager at Aviot Industries ensured their investment strategies aligned with their public relations teams to ensure mutual positioning.

Aviot Industries differentiates itself from its competitors by prioritizing the autonomy of its investors rather than solely prioritizing financial gain. The firm’s objective is to empower its clients by enabling them to attain financial, time, and location freedom through their investments.