Greg Bassuk, CEO, AXS InvestmentsGreg Bassuk, CEO
Historically, alternative investments, such as private equity, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure, and hedge funds were accessible only to the largest institutional and high-net-worth investors. For individual investors, traditional stocks and bonds were the only investment options to which they had access. The alternative investments required high investment minimums and long lockup periods, making them off-limits to individual investors.

Providing investors with alternatives to traditional equity and fixed income investments, AXS Investments was founded on the vision and mission to eliminate this gap in access. By leveling the playing field, AXS enables investors to access alternative investments to enhance portfolio performance and investment outcomes.

Founded in 2019, AXS Investments integrates alternative investment strategies with retail-friendly fund structures like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and other vehicles that provide daily liquid, low cost, and the highest transparency solutions that meet a full range of investor needs and objectives.

“We are democratizing investing and enabling individuals access to institutional-quality alternative investments and education for robust portfolio outcomes,” says Greg Bassuk, CEO, AXS Investments. “Our alternative investments and hedge strategies are designed to add alpha, reduce correlation to the broader stock and bond markets, and minimize downside risk.”

With extensive experience in financial services, asset management, and alternative investments, Bassuk has a distinguished track record of building highly successful businesses. Prior to AXS Investments, Bassuk founded, scaled and sold three other industry-changing companies, all of which, like AXS, were focused on disruptive innovations that leveled the playing field for individuals and trailblazed to positively change the human condition for individuals, families and the broader investing public. He was the Managing Director and Head of Liquid Alternative Strategies at FS Investments, an asset management firm with $24 billion in assets under management (AUM). Bassuk co-founded IndexIQ, an innovative ETF company that grew to over $4 billion in AUM and was acquired by New York Life. Bassuk also co-founded SmartPortfolio, Inc., which became a leading online financial information company, which was acquired by TheStreet, a publicly-traded financial media company.

Leveraging his financial services and entrepreneurial experience, as well as his long-time track record of scaling ventures, Bassuk leads AXS Investments to new levels of innovation and change to ensure that individuals and families have the same investment access as the largest institutional and high net worth investors.
Leveling the Playing Field

AXS Investments heavily relies on data and technology to productize and incorporate alternative investment strategies into retail-friendly fund structures and connect them with investors who desire to achieve specific investment outcomes. “Data-centric prospecting allows us to identify different segments of the broader investor universe to tailor solutions for specific types of investors,” Bassuk says.

AXS Investments’ content distribution and delivery systems focusing on financial education are also data-driven. The firm matches the content delivery preferences of the investors—through email, websites, audio, video, social media or in-person—to better equip them to maximize their investment outcomes and financial wellness.

Innovation is central to AXS Investments. The firm embraces the motto “Don’t wait for change to come—invent it.” The company’s approach to innovation is founded upon the belief that individual investors will benefit most from better access to financial education and strategies that provide new investment exposures and outcomes. Geared toward this, AXS has established the Institute for Sustainable Investing in collaboration with thought leaders and practitioners from academia, business, and government to help people, corporations, and communities attain enhanced education in sustainable and impact investing. The Institute’s focus is on educating a wide range of investors on what it means to invest in sustainable investments and how investments in this direction can enhance investment portfolios.

Upping AXS Investments’ ante in the sustainable investment space, the industry’s first-ever certified carbon-neutral ETF—AXS Change Finance ESG ETF (CHGX)—has joined the fast-growing lineup of AXS Investments funds. The acquisition of CHGX by AXS comes on the heels of ESG and sustainable funds attracting a record $69.2 billion in net f lows in 2021, a 35 percent increase over the previous record.

Our alternative investments are designed to improve returns, reduce correlation to the broader stock and bond markets, and minimize downside risk

“2021 was a record year for inf lows into ESG and sustainability-focused investments and, at the same time, the market has shown little tolerance for greenwashing,” says Bassuk. “We have no tolerance for greenwashing, which is why we are building a fund family that has some of the most robust sustainability standards in the industry, ref lective in funds like CHGX.”

The acquisition of CHGX also follows the highly successful launch of the AXS Astoria Inf lation Sensitive ETF (PPI), which provides investors with a first-of-its-kind, one-stop inf lation strategy that seeks to hedge against inf lation and generate appreciation through inf lation-sensitive investments. PPI has performed as designed and has proven popular with investors, amassing more than $70 million in assets in just over 70 trading days since its launch.
A Pioneering Team at the Core

All of AXS Investments’ products, services and initiatives are rightly backed by a team of seasoned executives, including early pioneers in the ETF industry, that holds deep expertise, as well as exhibits the spirit of entrepreneurship. This brings apparent and superlative client-centric capabilities to the table.

AXS Investments’ compass is always focused on its clients. They speak and meet with their funds’ investors and, most importantly, listen to their investment goals and objectives. This feedback shapes the company’s product development priorities and its educational initiatives.

AXS Investments also prides itself on having a collaborative community culture, and giving back to the community also is a core component of this culture. The firm is equally committed to all of its stakeholders, including clients, employees, and the communities across the U.S. in which the firm’s stakeholders work and live.

Peak performance is another foundational element of the AXS Investments’ culture. The firm fosters peak performance and the highest of energy and outcomes, rarely seen in other asset management firms. The company attributes that to the combination of the trust and collaborative community values that enable employees to perform at their best, deliver strong results, and espouse the client-first approach.

Focused on Bringing a Range of Financial Wellness Initiatives

Combining its client-centric culture and highly experienced team, AXS Investments has all but assured a very promising future. The company continues to aggressively expand the product line to further increase investors’ access to innovative, first-of-their-kind investment exposures. In addition, it will continue to invest heavily in data and technology for product development, marketing, education, and distribution.
  • We are democratizing investing by enabling investors new and improved access to institutional-quality alternative investments and education for robust portfolio outcomes

That’s not all. AXS also has a wide suite of initiatives steered towards improving the educational tools for individuals and families to democratize investment education. The aim is to become the leader in the field of alternative investments and help individuals improve financial health and well-being with time-tested, liquid, and transparent investment alternatives.

Needless to say, the coming years will witness AXS Investments undertaking a plethora of tangible measures to stay true to its commitment to enabling broader and improved access for individuals to the most portfolio-enhancing investments, tools and resources. “We intentionally named our company “AXS” (pronounced “access”) because we launched the firm to be a game-changer in opening up new, meaningful investment access for individuals like never before,” says Bassuk.