Kevin Tiernan, CTP, SVP – Treasury Management, Bankers TrustKevin Tiernan, CTP, SVP – Treasury Management
Over the years, the treasury management space has evolved considerably to help organizations oversee their capital and financial assets, with the role of funds and asset managers changing along with the industry. In the past, treasury managers managed investment portfolios and financial assets. Today, they play a much larger role in helping organizations streamline their capital management while mitigating financial, operational, and reputational risks.

Businesses need an ally with the right mix of experience and capabilities to seamlessly manage their financial affairs. Bankers Trust is a valuable partner, bringing more than 100 years of rich experience in financial operations and treasury management. They are custodians of finances and a trustworthy name in the treasury management space.

Bankers Trust has the experience and expertise to help businesses identify and seize financial opportunities. “We spend countless hours studying the treasury management space, learning about new technologies, understanding challenges, and talking to clients,” says Kevin Tiernan, CTP, SVP – Treasury Management at Bankers Trust. They also have a customer advisory board, created to take feedback from customers and evaluate their needs. This allows them to stay agile and craft customized solutions for clients.

Keeping customers at the center of every decision has earned Bankers Trust many satisfied clients. It knows that running a successful business takes more than just generating revenue. Taking care of your customers and building strong relationships are just as crucial in treasury management.
Staying true to this philosophy, Bankers Trust keeps communication channels open with its clients to learn about their challenges and the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI).

As more and more technologies enter the treasury management space, Bankers Trust is ensuring it stays ahead of the curve by improving its products and services. The bank is exploring technologies like AI and machine learning to help companies make informed decisions and automate their financial operations for enhanced capital management and optimizing payables and receivables.

In past decades, Bankers Trust has been through many layers of transformation. The biggest lesson they learned in their journey is to spend time with customers. Traditionally, signing a contract and delivering treasury management services was the entire story of doing business. Not Bankers Trust. They believe in open and honest communication with clients and their front-line staff to get to the bottom of their challenges. When they understand their needs, Bankers Trust provides customized solutions for maximum returns.

We spend countless hours studying the treasury management space, learning about new technologies, understanding challenges, and talking to clients

Treasury management has been around for quite some time. So has Bankers Trust. Their long and rich experience is built on the pillars of innovation and consistent learning about the industry. They believe in spending time and educational resources on employees’ development to easily navigate the ever-changing treasury management landscape.

Today, treasury management is about data-driven decision-making, personalized services, and streamlined processes. Based on this insight, financial institutions need to define a path forward that aligns banking operations with the changing needs of their customers. Having gone through this transformative process for over 100 years now, Bankers Trust is well positioned to leave a new mark in the treasury management industry.