John Smitherman, Executive Vice President , Brentwood Services AdministratorsJohn Smitherman, Executive Vice President
Brentwood Services Administrators (Brentwood)—a leading provider of insurance-related services—is at the cutting edge of offering a customized, comprehensive suite of claims administration solutions. Operating across the continental U.S., Brentwood caters to self-insured employers across various industries, including healthcare, education, utilities, and public entities.

“Brentwood engages experienced and dedicated claims technicians to improve our clients’ financial performance,” says John Smitherman, executive vice president of Brentwood.

With the recent transient workforce that often lacks training and experience, employers typically incur claims every year. Issues with work injuries are compounded by rising medical costs and an increase in the frequency of severe claims.

Taking all these factors into consideration, Brentwood has been perfecting its approach to claims management for over 30 years, with deep expertise in workers’ compensation-related, occupational injury, and liability exposures. When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, the Brentwood team supports its clients by putting their injured workers at the center of the claim process.

As liability claims require prompt and thorough investigation, Brentwood’s adjusters protect their clients’ assets while defending and indemnifying the insured. With frequent adjuster communication, the team ensures that it educates injured employees about the claims process, with the goal of a return back to full health as fast as possible.

Brentwood utilizes industry-leading integrated claims administration and engagement software, which serves as a powerful tool for its clients.
It promotes client collaboration by providing 24/7 remote access to claims, policies, and reports. Technology is offered to injured workers, facilitating better and faster communication.

As part of its technology, Brentwood offers tools such as Official Disability Guidelines that help adjusters with reserve setting and overall claim evaluation. This is an essential tool as clients often have limited resources and need accurate predictions of their losses.

Specializing in alternative-market solutions designed to help clients take advantage of the potential rewards of successful risk management, Brentwood is instrumental in driving customer success. In one instance, Brentwood collaborated with a client in the healthcare sector. The client spent an average of $2 million annually for ten years on workplace injuries prior to utilizing Brentwood’s services. Brentwood helped the client save $800,000 each year over the last 12 years as compared to performance prior to engaging Brentwood.
  • Brentwood engages experienced and dedicated claims technicians to improve our clients’ financial performance

Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Brentwood understands clients’ requirements and structures its services to specifically fit their needs. It tailors and combines its core services to create the ideal solution for each individual client.

Promising a partnership that clients can rely on, Brentwood is employing data in new ways to better evaluate and measure outcomes, which reward clients with reduced costs, enhanced employee health, safer work environments, and improved productivity. Advancement in technology has pushed the team to be more efficient and leverage evolving trends, enabling them to perform operations fully electronically. This efficiency allows Brentwood’s employees to be flexible and work remotely.

Steering ahead, Brentwood continues to do what it does best— offering high-tech, innovative, and cost-saving programs to help clients drive down claims costs and protect injured employees.