Kade Brewster, CEO,  Brewster Consulting GroupKade Brewster, CEO
“Many acquisitions make sense at a strategic level but fail in execution. This generally occurs as executives miss the mark on people, product, process, and technology alignment,” says Kade Brewster, CEO of Brewster Consulting Group.

During a merger and acquisition, it’s critical to understand the strategic value of an acquisition, and then map that to the specific tactical objectives that need to be achieved. The leadership teams must strategically plan a way to combine new people, processes, products, and technologies with existing operations. They must prioritize these efforts in order to drive execution on the right tactical objectives. Often, the process orientation structuring fails because of incomprehension of the final value proposition after an acquisition.

Brewster Consulting Group begins by helping clients craft a pre-acquisition playbook that defines the value proposition of an acquisition. The pre-acquisition playbook helps organizations evaluate how effectively an acquisition can integrate into their existing environment. It also helps establish execution prioritization for key workstreams. . Once an acquistion takes place, Brewster Consulting Group helps clients establish an Acquisition Execution Playbook that prioritizes driving towards specific business outcomes. Clients can study ideas from a product level and devise a formulation to structure the functions of the merged companies. The consulting group assists leaders of merged companies in deciding techniques for crafting product catalogs based on derived value propositions. The process is designed to prioritize and accelerate the timeline to value realization of the acquisition.

In the mergers and acquisition space, Brewster Consulting Group’s vivid background in technology implementations, project management, Lean Six Sigma process improvement, data governance, reporting, and analytics enables it to ride any storm with its perfect team of experts.
The consulting firm enables organizations to join hands to alleviate the biggest challenge of combining their data and place systems, allowing them to combine disparate data sources, create integrations, and design a data model that intelligently ties it all together.

“We help tear down silos and have expertise to approach all four major workstreams. We have HR, PMO, IT, Lean Six Sigma, and Data experience that provides us a well-rounded team capable of driving execution on complex company integrations. ,” elaborates Brewster.

Many acquisitions make sense at a strategic level but fail in execution. This generally occurs as executives miss the mark on people, product, process, and technology alignment

A managed services customer in the contact center space approached Brewster Consulting Group to integrate three disparate contact centers into a single technology stack after a series of acquisitions. . Taking the first step along with the client, Brewster Consulting Group helped evaluate potential solution providers based on an iteration of future state use case models. After identifying the right technology vendors, implementation was completed, and the client migrated all three legacy companies onto a single technology stack. After system migration, Brewster Consulting Group built new data processes to create effective and accurate reporting within the new system.

Brewster Consulting Group believes that an organization at a macro level, is just a sum of it’s micro level processes. Therefore, in order to effectively execute strategic initiatives, like an acquisition, there must be a heavy focus on the most critical business processes. To enable clients to execute effectively, they leverage a proprietary maturity scale to evaluate the processes, build a foundation of operational strength, and scale other technology implementations. Brewster Consulting Group believes that its presence will allow quicker and more effective evaluation of people, products, processes, and technology. Since due diligence is completed early, it will also be easier to point clients in the right direction if the merging organizations are a match, and if it’s not a great fit, help avoid a mistake on a potential acquisition. Whether you’re evaluating a potential acquistion, or you’re already in the midst of integrating multiple companies, Brewster Consulting Groups has the expertise to help drive towards desired business outcomes.