Joseph Meuse, CEO & Founder, Business GPS LLCJoseph Meuse, CEO & Founder
“The ability to find solutions to life’s challenges is what makes us grow as a person.” - Mark Twain.

Industry expert and serial entrepreneur Joseph Meuse, by virtue of his company Business GPS, LLC, has helped numerous struggling businesses navigate dynamic financial market scenarios, improve cash flow, and resolve their financial issues. The company is often the preferred choice for businesses seeking contingency-based services for debt mitigation, tax debt relief, financial restructuring, and more. The driving force behind Business GPS’ customer-centric approach is its dedication to resolving its clients’ financial challenges and the impetus of its genesis is Meuse’s personal life experiences.

Joseph Meuse started his first business when he was just 19 years old to finance his college education. After dealing with several financial challenges first-hand over the years, Meuse believed he was ready for the 2008 recession, only to be quickly proven wrong.

Meuse was determined to work his way through the recession. He met the challenges head-on and traversed his way up in the financial sector. He soon observed that there were virtually no firms or experts guiding professionals and businesses through their economic downturn. The scenario was especially apparent with entrepreneurs, who had a can-do mentality at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys but froze in the face of obstacles. Presented with an opportunity to act as a financial coach, Meuse decided to tap into his own experience and business acumen to help such individuals and businesses resolve their financial challenges. Consequently, Meuse founded Business GPS in 2011. Today, Meuse uses this eventful life experience to lead the company to new heights, transforming the region’s financial services industry.

Addressing Financial Challenges with Holistic Solutions

Business GPS enables businesses to navigate complicated debt situations and provides the solutions necessary to plan contingencies through critical analysis and implement preventive measures. Instead of rendering a temporary remedy, Business GPS provides its clients with a holistic solution that addresses their challenges by mitigating their debt, improving cash flow, and helping them acquire higher-quality lending sources, fundamentally turning their businesses around.

“We provide services to fill the deficiencies in our client’s financial models until they are ready to address those themselves. We provide a combination of internal services, debt mitigation, and working capital,” adds Meuse.

The company firmly believes that to ensure its clients’ success, it needs to expand their businesses, bolster revenue, enhance internal operations, mitigate risks efficiently, and develop new sales and marketing strategies. With a success-based, no-result no-fee approach, Business GPS helps companies—irrespective of their size, location, and industry—reduce and restructure their financial debt. Its core services deal with sensitive and complex financial issues, where the company comprehensively guides its clients and empowers them to meet their business objectives. For debt mitigation, Business GPS negotiates on behalf of its clients to execute settlements and modifications to lessen the pressure on their available funds.
The company helps settle lawsuits, merchant cash advances, liens, damaging loans, and other elements impeding the cash flow. To protect its clients from litigation and related bureaucracies, Business GPS offers an alternative dispute resolution where it brings dissenting parties to an agreement. The company achieves this by collecting and analyzing facts, putting its clients in an opportune position. Business GPS liberates struggling businesses from prolonged financial distress by offering them complete business turnaround services. By positioning its debt mitigation team as ‘the defense’ and marketing and sales teams as ‘the offense,’ Business GPS formulates befitting strategies for its clients that meet their unique needs.

Contingency is the core philosophy of our business. It creates trust between us and the client. We are always putting clients first and this always aligns with our interests.

Business GPS has substantial expertise in helping companies enter and expand in new markets and marketing channels, serving as a trusted partner in developing relationships with government and related entities. Leveraging the vast experience of Meuse and his management team, Business GPS offers basic and comprehensive financial restructuring services. In its basic program, the company helps businesses to eliminate slow cash flow by resolving critical and aged payments. As part of its comprehensive program, Business GPS offers an alternative to Chapter 11 bankruptcy, helping its clients avoid negative publicity and the resulting loss of business opportunities. In addition, the company helps its clients to seek and be approved for a line of credit from vendors, who then report to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies and in return the client is able to build a great credit profile.

Elaborating on Business GPS’s capability to instill contingency in all of its services, Meuse adds, “Contingency is the core philosophy of our business. It creates trust between the client and us. We are always putting them first and this aligns with our interests.”

Trust–The Cornerstone of Business GPS

Joseph Meuse upholds the ideology of building cordial and trust-based relationships with his clients, and this mantra is what enables the team to deliver highly effective financial services.
“Every business and case is different, so we stop and analyze each one. Not only do we fix the immediate problems, but we also find the root causes of those problems and make the necessary changes to prevent them from occurring again,” says Meuse. Business GPS’s experts serve as business and life coaches, financial analysts, accountants, and above all, problem solvers. These experts help clients in risky financial situations and empower them to run their business at its maximum value.

The first week of a typical engagement with Business GPS involves telephonic interviews with Meuse, followed by multiple rounds of comprehensive face-to-face discussions regarding the client’s financial challenges. Understanding the importance of accurate information in mitigating financial problems, Meuse fosters a trustworthy environment that allows the clients to be completely honest with his team, sharing all the necessary and pivotal pieces of information with them. Business GPS has dealt with the prominent issues across every major industry and hence, furnishes solutions that most effectively address its clients’ challenges.
According to Meuse, making the client feel comfortable to share the real issues and concerns is a vital element of the solution.

Since management teams dealing with financial crises often battle fears that cloud their judgment, Business GPS delivers positive and visible results within 48 hours of interaction, assuring them that their financial restructuring and turnaround strategies are in good hands.

A Focus on Customer-centricity

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses across the globe and brought about a myriad of unprecedented challenges that left many companies paralyzed. Along with dynamic market scenarios and rising consumer demands, businesses now face inflation, labor scarcity, and, most concerningly, a likely recession. Understanding these precarious situations, Business GPS has helped numerous companies deal with new challenges that the pandemic brought in the past two years. The company’s partnership with a Southern California-based pharmaceutical manufacturing brand paints an evocative image of this.

During his first interaction with them in the pre-covid era, Joseph Meuse observed that the client had 24 lawsuits, foreclosure notice on their office building, and two IRS audits underway. After consulting with Business GPS, the client could resolve all their issues, settle lawsuits, and make it through the IRS audits without owing the institution even a dollar. To ensure smooth sailing, Business GPS helped the company acquire additional working capital. As a result of this consultation, the client has, so far, doubled its revenue.

Another client of Business GPS was massively impacted by the pandemic. The client, a Virginia-based manufacturing company, had high-interest loans that amounted to over two million dollars, posing a huge blow to their cash flow. Since the company owed money to the IRS, its sales were progressively declining. Business GPS helped this client acquire sufficient working capital with which they reduced their debt by more than 50 percent. To avoid difficult financial circumstances in the future, Business GPS found the client a better lender. By operating as a financial advisor, Business GPS essentially helped both clients not only rise from the ashes but grow their businesses further.
  • Not only do we fix the immediate problems, but we find the root causes of those problems and make the necessary changes to prevent them from rising again.

“The biggest role we played was calming our clients during these hardships. What kept them in the game was the mental and personal coaching we provided, which helped them buy more time. And every minute saved turned out to be a lifesaver for these businesses,” says Meuse. Business GPS ensured government relief loans for many of these businesses, providing a saving grace at times of uncertainty. In addition, the company has deployed part of its capital as an asset-based lender, also called relationship-based lending, to some qualified clients in the last nine months.

The keystone of Business GPS’s strength is its ability to effectively utilize its accumulated know-how from past client engagements, incorporate best practices, and eliminate the detrimental elements in its clients’ finances. With a team of experienced professionals on board, the company aims to expand its footprint and help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) nationwide.

Business GPS—with its contingency-based solutions—is truly transforming the country’s financial services industry, empowering businesses to tackle unprecedented events and emerge victorious from their financial crises.