Spencer Schmerling, CEO and John Bamforth, CTO, Cascade Financial Technology CorpSpencer Schmerling, CEO and John Bamforth, CTO
In 2011, when Cascade Card first began business with an idea for a rewards-based prepaid card program, they searched for a program manager that could bring their vision to life. They spent months vetting several top program managers and chose one who promised they could deliver.

After overcoming two years of obstacles including incompatible APIs, poor documentation, outdated technology, changing regulations, slow communication, increased fees and unmet promises, the program manager shut their doors three days before Cascade was to launch their program.

Cascade spent four months searching for a replacement program manager that could be responsive to their needs and provide a modern, agile technology platform and eventually came to a realization that such a company just didn’t exist. None of the program managers they met understood the real needs of their own clients.

That’s when Cascade Financial Technology Corp CEO Spencer Schmerling and his team wrote their corporate mission to become the company they were looking for: the most responsive and innovative program manager in the industry. As part of that mission, Cascade focuses on three specific classes of programs:

Turnkey Programs, where Cascade builds all of the technology, minimizing or eliminating the technical responsibilities (and associated costs) of their clients, with extremely rapid time-to-market.

Custom Programs, where Cascade provides all its resources, including its innovative Cascade Cloud platform with its modern API library and full technical support to the client so they can build their unique financial products.

Hybrid Programs, where the client builds their own product, but is unable to perform some of the critical functions, such as PCI compliance or bank-level security, required for entering PII and SAD.
When asked about the need for the three separate program types, Schmerling says, “Many of our clients are in non- FinTech businesses. They’re not interested in the details of bank-level security or deciphering technical documentation. Our clients just want their new program—card-based, wearable, virtual or otherwise—to be built quickly, work as designed, comply with all relevant regulations such as PCI-DSS and BSA/AML, and allow them to meet or exceed their revenue and sales goals.”

CTO John Bamforth says, “Many of our clients are referred to us by our partners who see the unique applications the client wants to build—such as combining payment technology onto wearable devices with access control and GPS location—and realize that they need a program manager who can design creative, innovative solutions. Our platform and APIs make that possible.”

Cascade’s APIs are unique in the industry because, says Bamforth, “they are robust, reliable, secure, well documented, agile and fast, all of which makes development faster and more efficient. Gone are the rigid, antiquated APIs with varying interfaces and bizarre error coding. The Cascade APIs are multi-language and multi-approach, allowing our clients to use their legacy stacks and/or build new.”

The company revealed that the APIs are so flexible and robust, they already have clients developing their programs in languages from Ruby-On-Rails to Google’s Go with supporting sample code.

Also key to Cascade’s reputation as a leading program manager is that all technical support is provided by Cascade’s actual developers in the USA, not an overseas outsourced technical support staff. That means their clients get the right answers in real time, every time.

The best evidence for Cascade’s promise of continued success is how they enable their clients to execute on business initiatives faster, easier, and less expensively than ever before. According to Schmerling, “...in as little as 90 days.”