Dick Lucarelli, VP of Sales & Marketing, CDSDick Lucarelli, VP of Sales & Marketing
CDS,afreight claims processing expert, has architected an innovative and effective approach to helping shippers with loss and damage claims recovery. It works with clients of all sizes, from Fortune 100 corporations to small and family-owned companies. Backed by a team of professionals with decades of industry knowledge and business acumen, CDS offers an opportunity for clients to add dollars to their bottom lines with no increase in personnel or inventory.

CDS offers flexible and specialized services, which include a full-service program, post-audit freight claim service, small parcel profit sharing program, and freight claim assistance program.

From filing to resolution, CDS works behind the scenes and handles all the operations to ensure customers recover their claims through its full-service program. All documentation is collected by the claimant and supplied to CDS, following which the team scans all documentation into the claim file to support the claim.

CDS’ post-audit freight claim service comprehensively reviews claims that were either paid, denied, or unfiled in order to check if the money owed can be recovered. With its small parcel profitsharing program, it helps clients recover small package shipping claims efficiently. Most of these claims go unfiled as the small parcel carriers’ standard limit of liability is $100 and the high cost to file a claim is often not worth their effort or time. CDS recovers small package shipping claims for clients without up front costs. Instead, it shares the recovered profits with the client, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

Through its Freight claims assistance program, CDS provides clients with freight claim management training and detailed instructions for every department involved and imparts everything it learned over the past 20 years of operation.
As a result, clients can continue to manage their claims in-house and engage with CDS on a consulting basis. “We customize all our programs for clients instead of offering services in a onesize- fits-all package, “says Dick Lucarelli, VP, sales and marketing at CDS.

To offer these expert programs, CDS leverages MercuryMyEZClaim—an industryleading freight claim management software. The software is presently owned by MercuryGate, a provider of feature-rich transportation management systems, who acquired it from TranSolutions, the original maker of MyEZClaim.

MercuryMyEZClaim contains all the information clients need to file loss and damage claims against any carrier. Clients are authorized to access the software and keep track of any claim-related transactions that occur through phone calls, emails, or other means. The software scans and stores all the documentation in the same claim module, allowing clients to understand the status of their claims at any point in time.

We customize all our programs for clients instead of offering services in a one-size-fits-all package

The system currently provides access to over 85 pre-loaded management reports. The Ad Hoc reporting feature allows the user to generate an unlimited number of customized reports. These reports allow CDS to track trends virtually using any variable, such as reason, carrier, shipper, product, or consignee. Clients can gain insight into the historical background of each shipment that resulted in a loss and damage claim, reasons for its denial, and partial payments.

With the robust software at its core, CDS has benefitted numerous clients with effective claims resolution. In an instance, it identified that a group of large corporations filed claims for the wrong amount of money. CDS helped them understand the process, resolved the issue, and increased their recoveries by 20 to 30 percent.

Using the Full-Service Program, CDS is putting clients in complete control of their claims management process, CDS guarantees an overall recovery rate that can be as high as 90 to 95 percent, and can resolve claims in less than 90 days. It dives into the root causes of packaging, customer, carrier, or supplier issues and solves them instantly, aligning with its tag line— “claims done successfully.”