Jared Rothbard, Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Services LLCJared Rothbard, Financial Advisor
The importance of financial planning for individuals, families, and businesses (especially small business owners) need not be overemphasized. It helps them control their income, expenditures, and investments, leading to more effective wealth building and management. However, this entails more than just simple strategizing of investments and concerns a great deal on ensuring protection ‘today’s and tomorrows’ against the backdrop of increasing inflation, market uncertainties, wasteful expenses, and other unpredictable factors such as medical emergencies. This is where Certified Financial Services LLC (CFS) steps in to help their clients gain financial confidence, balance, and prosperity.

The company diligently simplifies the complexities involved in identifying the best ‘routes’ towards optimizing wealthbuilding and enabling financial well-being. “Before focusing on wealth creation or any rate of returns, CFS promises to focus on helping protect its customers today instead of just thinking about tomorrow. We go over their plans and policies like life insurances, income protection plans, and legal documents to help ensure that if something were to happen to them today, their families could continue to live the same lifestyle that they have been accustomed to,” says Jared Rothbard, Financial Advisor at CFS. Unlike other market players who focus solely on insurance or investment, the company offers a holistic approach to financial planning by having close collaborations with clients, building up a plan, and ensuring its overall efficiency in helping them achieve their goals.

Since day one, CFS has followed a protection-first philosophy to help clients mitigate wealth-eroding factors like disabilities, penalties, and market fluctuations and build a plan that strives to futureproof their lives. With a comprehensive range of products, including retirement planning products, group health plans, individual disability products, individual and investment products, to name a few, the company helps customers in understanding the what’s and why’s of making financial decisions and develops plans that scale their objectives and goals. They use multi-dimensional perspectives, evidence, reason, and technological innovations to monitor a client’s finances from four domains—protection, assets, liabilities, and cash flow.

The company assesses its clients’ financial situation from a multi-dimensional perspective and offers situation-specific strategies and recommendations, enabling them to achieve financial confidence. CFS’s team of professionals begins collaborating with their clients by thoroughly understanding their objectives. The next step entails projecting data on a ‘financial X-ray—a page where all information gets curated and stress-tested to produce the appropriate financial plan to help cover the client’s overall objectives.
CFS also prides itself on providing a macro-management service, ensuring proper communication and coordination between existing investment or insurance advisors and attorneys of the clients.

CFS’s dedication towards nurturing long-term client relationships is another differentiating aspect. The company invests time in knowing clients personally and focuses on creating a trusted familial atmosphere instead of just a typical business relationship. During the pandemic, the company maintained constant communication with customers through virtual video conferencing platforms like Zoom. “Virtual meetings are nothing new to us as we have been using this tool before the pandemic to cater to customers coming from all over the country. As a result, when the COVID-19 situation hit us, we did not need to stop operations at all for we already knew how to manage our business in a virtual environment,” prides Rothbard.

For the road ahead, CFS is looking forward to expanding its services, headcount, and footprint to reach out to more people and positively impact their lives. In addition, the company aims to educate clients about its protection-first philosophy and show them the way towards becoming financially independent. “The more people we bring under the roof, the better we will be able to touch people’s lives and help show them the path towards that much-needed financial freedom for a secured today and a wellplanned tomorrow,” concludes Rothbard.
  • The more people we bring under the roof, the better we will be able to touch people’s lives and show them the path towards that much-needed financial freedom for a secured today and a well-planned tomorrow

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