Francis Chou, Founder, Chou Associates Management Inc.Francis Chou, Founder
Francis Chou was a 25-year-old employee for Bell Canada when he pooled 51,000 dollars from himself and six coworkers to start an investment club. That investment club would eventually blossom into Chou Associates Fund, which now has around 200 million dollars of assets under management.

Today, the flagship Chou Associates Fund boasts a long-running and consistent track record since their inception in 1986 as the best-performing equity fund in Canada.

Through its investment management firm, Chou Associates Management Inc. (“CAMI”), Francis Chou manages five funds. Four of its funds have outstanding short-term and long-term results when compared to their peers. Please see the rankings below:

What makes the Chou Funds different from other mutual funds is Francis’ style, performance, and character, reflected when buying fixed-income instruments or equities. Chou’s value-oriented approach to investing involves a detailed analysis of the strengths of individual companies, with much less emphasis on short-term market factors. Far greater importance is placed upon an assessment of a company’s balance sheet, cash flow characteristics, profitability, industry position, special strengths, future growth potential, and management ability.
“Bear markets are good for value investors. We find bargains and follow the buy cheap stocks strategy. We buy securities at 60 cents if we estimate that the intrinsic value is one dollar. Though investing becomes challenging when stocks are selling close to their fair value, our strategic, data-driven, and disciplined approach helps us navigate through it,” says Chou.

CAMI doesn’t chase speculations and will not purchase securities that cannot be subjected to proper fundamental analysis. As a highly disciplined firm, they only buy stocks when they fall and enter the bargain territory. They have the expertise to evaluate great companies, mediocre businesses, and CRAP (Cannot-Realize-A-Profit) companies. According to Chou, the key to being a successful investor is to have the knowledge and the ability to accurately assess what the company is worth and then buy them at a bargain price. CAMI has maintained this discipline throughout its existence, helping it navigate the stock market’s ups and downs.

“We focus on the long-term as they guarantee greater returns compared to short-term,” adds Chou.

Chou Funds Annual Report for 2021 demonstrates that clients who had invested $10,000 in Chou Associates Fund on December 31st, 1986, received a total return of $276,407 by the end of 2021. The company also educates clients on the long-term benefits of mutual funds and helps fight their nervousness regarding potential inflation.

We focus on long-term as they guarantee greater returns compared to short-term

Investors can buy the Chou Funds through a brokerage house. However, accredited investors with over one million dollars in assets can buy directly through CAMI.

Individuals and investors feel comfortable investing in Chou Funds due to their track record of obtaining greater returns year after year. Chou Funds has received significant traction through word of mouth, which has remained their growth strategy.