Mark Fornasiero, Managing Partner , Clarendon CapitalMark Fornasiero, Managing Partner
The pandemic, paired with inflation and high freight prices, has led the entire logistics sector into a bout of turmoil. Businesses across this industry today need an experienced platoon of professionals who can help them improve performance.

This is where Clarendon steps in.

Clarendon has more than two decades of experience helping mid-market companies in the transportation, logistics, and distribution sector. It invests in opportunities connected to the transportation, logistics, and distribution market space where its capital, expertise, and network can create substantial value-add and investment returns. Clarendon undertakes a full life cycle approach while engaging with businesses— sourcing, post-transaction value creation, supporting recapitalization or exit, and facilitating the post-exit transition.

Clarendon understands there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to serving businesses, given their needs and challenges are never the same. Clarendon Capital, to this end, analyzes clients’ business goals on a personal and professional level to plan and implement the best possible capital strategy. This is why Clarendon’s portfolio companies witness significant advances in their revenue and profitability growth organically and through strategic acquisitions.

“We are not limited to defining customized strategies for businesses; we provide real arms and legs support to help them implement those strategies over the investment horizon.
This enables organizations to achieve their goals for the next stage of development,” says Mark Fornasiero, Clarendon’s Managing Partner.

Clarendon does not hesitate to invest in companies that take innovative measures to make the industry more efficient. For example, it has invested in a business that leverages digital marketing and social media campaigns to address the issue of the driver shortage.

In another instance, Clarendon worked with an innovative business that developed a unique high-touch agent model to support entrepreneurs starting businesses in the transportation sector. Clarendon helped them in different areas, including sourcing and cultivating several proprietary follow-on acquisitions, supporting growth in their excellent management team and building driver capacity with an innovative model. Today, the company is ten times the size they were at the time of its initial investment.

Another interesting example can be their investment in a specialized motor carrier that was facing dramatic increases in insurance costs due to a hardened market and the 9/11 attacks.
  • We are not limited to defining customized strategies for businesses; we provide real arms and legs support to help them implement those strategies over the investment horizon

Clarendon helped the company design and implement new and centralized processes as well as people metrics and systems to control the crash frequency and loss severity and benefited from these efforts by increasing insurance deductibles and reducing premiums.

“We helped them in setting new driver qualification standards, periodic and remedial driver safety training, centralized accident response protocols, and standardized operating procedures for loss control,” says Michael Raue, Clarendon Partner.

All these instances of client success are testaments to Clarendon’s zeal to serve the mid-market companies in the transportation, logistics and distribution sectors and help them grow.