Karen Maginn, President, Clear Spring Life and Annuity CompanyKaren Maginn, President
Annuity rates are starting to increase after having bottomed out for most of the COVID-19 pandemic. That means buyers, who are generally retirees or those nearing retirement age, may find payouts better now than they were just a few months ago.

The trend will likely maintain momentum if the Federal Reserve continues raising its benchmark interest rate, resulting in more consumers shopping for perfect annuities.

Clear Spring Life and Annuity Company stands to benefit from this trend, as it is driven to offer straightforward, consumer-friendly, tailored, and intuitive annuity products. It takes a consumer-centric approach to delivering long-term value to consumers and helping them achieve their retirement objectives by offering its products through a network of independent marketing organizations (IMOs) and agents.

Clear Spring Life and Annuity Company is part of the Group 1001 Insurance Holdings, LLC family of companies. Group 1001 is a long-standing, nimble, and tech-driven financial services enterprise established on deep industry expertise and reliable delivery of long-term value.

Currently offering four fixed-indexed annuities, one multiyear guaranteed annuity, and one single premium immediate annuity, Clear Spring Life’s entire line of products is designed for accumulation and customer peace of mind.

One of its notable offerings is the ViStar Fixed Indexed Annuity. The ViStar Fixed Indexed Annuity is a single premium, deferred, fixed index annuity that allows customer to accumulate funds, benefit from tax deferral, and maintain a simplified allocation. The indices include S&P 500 with competitive cap and participations rates, S&P MARC 5% Excess Return Index, S&P Sector Rotator Daily Risk Control II 5% Excess Return Index, and the S&P Economic Cycle Factor Rotator Index. With an optional lifetime benefit writer, the ViStar can provide guaranteed income for life.

Equally notable is Clear Spring Life’s Highlander Fixed Indexed Annuity, a 10-year fixed indexed annuity, with different index options to choose from. Its discerning factor is an account value bonus of four percent. Consumers that don’t want to go into a 10-year duration can choose its seven-year product, the Highlander 7 Fixed Indexed Annuity that does not include the four percent account value bonus.
All the fixed indexed annuities from Clear Spring Life focus on simplifying investment options and accumulating assets over time without the significant risks of a declining market.

“Our fixed indexed annuities have a one-year index term, giving consumers the opportunity to rebalance or reallocate indices on an annual basis ,” says Karen Maginn, president of Clear Spring Life and Annuity Company.

Clear Spring Life’s Preserve Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity offers guaranteed period options from 3 to 10 years. Clear Spring Life differentiates itself by implementing an intuitive split annuity strategy, allowing consumers to achieve a guaranteed income stream while growing money for the future.
  • Our fixed indexed annuities have a one-year index term, giving consumers the opportunity to rebalance or reallocate indices on an annual basis

Clear Spring Life has a supportive approach to help agents and IMOs reap the full potential of their partnership. Its website provides agents with training, sales materials, illustrations, applications, and more. Clear Spring Life’s Annuity Sales Consultants are available to assist agents in every step of the sales process. From case design to submitting the application, the Annuity Sales Consultants are dedicated to helping agents grow their business with Clear Spring Life.

A testament to Clear Spring Life and Annuity’s efforts can be seen in a recent case study where it was approached by a high-networth client looking to purchase a fixed-indexed annuity. But the client focused on growth over income, and truly prioritized service over any other factor in their decision-making process. They also wanted a bonus product.

Clear Spring Life worked diligently to provide its hallmark service to determine the product that would fit best. The client ultimately purchased the Highlander Fixed Indexed Annuity with a four percent account value bonus. The client was thrilled with the experience from start to finish, and has come back every year to purchase an additional Highlander Fixed Indexed Annuity. They now have eight in total.

Success stories like this suggest Clear Spring Life’s mission for setting a new standard in the insurance industry by making insurance more useful and intuitive for everyone.