Jeff Pavone, Partner, Commercial Plus GroupJeff Pavone, Partner
Commercial Plus Group specializes in providing a full suite of real estate and business advisory services to entrepreneurs and growing companies. Leveraging four decades of experience and a team of industry experts, the company understands clients’ business objectives and helps them achieve their goals. Commercial Plus’ expertise entails value-added merger and acquisition (M&A) services, financial services, and business-based commercial real estate brokerage services.

“Our goal is to provide clients with the best value at every stage of a transaction,” says Jeff Pavone, partner at Commercial Plus. “We maintain strong relationships with clients and follow the 80/20 rule where we focus on doing more successful transactions with a handful of clients.”

What lies at the heart of Commercial Plus’ success is its unique business model backed by three key pillars. First, it fosters deep relationships with its clients from an operational standpoint and is always committed to enhancing their business value. To do this, Commercial Plus deploys an experienced team of professionals who are best at identifying the gaps in clients’ business operations and providing necessary advice.

The second pillar is brokerage services. Commercial Plus excels at offering unrivaled brokerage services, including add-on acquisitions and capital investments, to help clients scale up their operations. The company also leverages its partnerships with local business banks and large national banks to find the best financing options. While Commercial Plus has forty years of market experience representing buyers and sellers in a variety of industries, they have emerged as the premier car wash real estate broker.

To further serve car wash clients, the final pillar is its full-service investment banking company, Amplify Car Wash Advisors. The team of investment bankers, lawyers, analysts, and financial specialists at Amplify helps navigate clients through their success journey by advising on exit strategies, capital advisory, M&A, and finding financial and strategic partners for business.
“There are numerous Wall Street investment banking companies and real estate brokers trying to do what we do but they lack experience in the car wash business and the investment banking expertise,” says Pavone.

Amplify begins an engagement with a comprehensive on-site inspection. This helps build a comfortable relationship with customers from the start. After signing an exclusive representation engagement agreement Amplify creates a confidential information memorandum with details about the business, a list of possible purchasers, information about clients’ strategic and financial objectives, and the company’s approach to the transaction. Amplify also enters into nondisclosure agreements and accepts letters of intent (LOI) from interested buyers. The firm then narrows the list to the top three potential buyers and conducts management presentations. Using a competitive bid process amongst potential buyers, Amplify ensures the client finds the best price, transaction terms, and culture alignment.
  • We maintain strong relationships with clients and follow the 80/20 rule where we focus on doing more successful transactions with a handful of clients

With extensive experience in both car wash operations and investment banking, Amplify helps clients grow and raise their value before the sale. This was best displayed when Amplify helped a developing company sell its business. In 2021, the client had initial offers of $135 million. After taking the business to market and seeing the initial interest from buyers, Amplify advised the client to wait and keep growing their business. When the client went back to market in 2022 they sold their business for $190 million.

As Commercial Plus is the leading car wash real estate and business brokerage, Amplify Car Wash Advisors is uniquely positioned to help clients maximize their business value. With its team of experts and approach to building long-term relationships with clients, Commercial Plus and Amplify are the trusted business advisors to clients looking to sell or scale their business.