Oliver Weber, CEO, CREALOGIX (CLXN: SWX)Oliver Weber, CEO
The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the universal adoption of digital banking practices and software. The brick-and-mortar-reliant industry had to adapt to the disruptions in mobility for the masses to facilitate safer, socially-distanced services. Retail banking customers across the world were compelled to utilise self-service channels for banking as physical branches temporarily closed their doors, reducing in-person interactions. The proliferation of digital technologies allows end-users as well as businesses to visualise, track, and manage their financial transactions and balance sheets in one single application.

CREALOGIX enables financial institutions to establish fruitful digital interactions with their clients, leveraging cutting-edge technology and third-party networks as well

Digital channels, used for simple transactional activities, are being leveraged for complicated services, such as mortgages and financial advice that earlier necessitated high-touch interactions with banking personnel. The instant gratification, increased convenience, and flexibility derived from digital touchpoints provide tailored banking services for end-users and businesses. Adopting digital technologies has proven to increase productivity, save cost, and improve customer experiences. In order to stay competitive, firms in the wealth sector have to constantly innovate to meet the rising expectations of today’s tech-savvy clients and overcome the challenges posed by disruptors. CREALOGIX, with over 25 years of expertise in the financial sector, supplies cutting-edge technology to banks and asset management firms to accelerate their digital initiatives.

A Swiss Fintech 100 firm, CREALOGIX is a publicly-listed company and world leader in digital banking technology. Combining its deep knowledge and experience in wealth management, investment management, and private banking with state-of-the-art digital technology, CREALOGIX delivers robust digital banking solutions to increase online engagement and drive digital revenues.
“We combine our experience with innovative front-end solutions to help companies take their digital customer relationships and revenues to the next level,” says Oliver Weber, CEO of CREALOGIX. The firm’s Digital Hub equips wealth management organisations and banks with a robust software base and extensive modular capabilities. The standardised modular digital engagement platform is customisable to meet the specific requirement of each client through an open architecture. Designed using state-of-the-art security features, the solution ensures confidential data and business logic are shared across all digital channels securely. CREALOGIX’s Digital Hub also features extensible capabilities for new and third-party fintech services, available as an on-premises or software-as-a-service solution. The unified platform provided by the firm integrates with the client’s existing infrastructure, allowing them to accelerate digitalisation and implement substantial changes towards digital differentiation. CREALOGIX’s Digital Hub is a foundation for digital transformation projects, increasing customer engagement with a secure and unique digital experience.

Since maintaining relationships forms the bedrock of financial institutions, CREALOGIX’s Conversational AI enables efficient consumer interaction. It combines the power of artificial intelligence with automation to allow organisations to implement smarter and more insightful real-time customer communication. As most often, queries are automatically answered, the AI provides benefits for both parties. Customers get instant resolution to their questions, and the firm can improve its services through continuous feedback. Continuously learning from customer conversations, the AI assistant rapidly provides consistent and accurate answers across any application, device, or channel, eliminating the frustration of long wait times and unhelpful chatbots.

The advantages of their digital infrastructure extend to wealth management companies, allowing users to manage their portfolios seamlessly. CREALOGIX offers tested and reliable technology that supports core activities and provides a digital wealth management transformation roadmap. The firm integrates core internal and third-party systems onto the platform to allow investors to access actionable data at their fingertips. Instead of spending years to build a platform, CREALOGIX technology can be bought and installed instantly to benefit from a competitive edge and fast time to market.
Alternatively, as retail banking undergoes a massive paradigm shift, emerging enterprises are under pressure to address the growing competition from BigTech and the evolving open banking API-led economy. With experience and in-depth expertise in the field of retail banking, CREALOGIX provides robust solutions enabling incumbents to adopt a digital approach that ensures customer retention and new customer growth.

The firm’s customer-centric approach is brought forward through its partnership with Deutsche Kredit bank AG (DKB), a well-established European bank. With over 140,000 active customers, the bank was hesitant to expand its operations with another physical branch in Germany. With a vision of enhancing its service, DKB considered partnering with CREALOGIX to fulfil its digital aspirations. CREALOGIX deployed the Digital Banking Hub with automated self-service processes, incorporating all the functionalities of a physical bank. To strengthen the extensive suite of digital services, CREALOGIX added other banking operations, including credit cards, e-vouchers, PayPal accounts, and cross-selling features. As a result of the partnership with CREALOGIX, DKB achieved overwhelming customer retention rates, growing the customer portfolio to three million; the collaboration allowed DKB to launch an array of products and services within weeks, with customer satisfaction reaching as high as 90 percent.
  • We combine our experience with innovative frontend solutions to help companies take their digital customer relationships and revenues to the next level

The 25-year-old company has 1,200 wealth management, retail banking, and corporate banking installations running worldwide. At CREALOGIX, its primary aim is to create digital leaders in the financial industry. The firm’s client-focused digital platform provides a 360-degree perspective of customers to improve service personalisation. It has also expanded to a team of 600 digital specialists worldwide, servicing over 500 clients. Through its platform and services, CREALOGIX enables financial institutions to establish fruitful digital interactions with their clients, leveraging cutting-edge technology and third-party networks as well.