The insurance claims process is quite complex. Insurance organizations must balance being vigilant about identifying any fraudulent claims, while they also provide a seamless and trouble-free claims process experience for customers. Put simply, this calls for meticulously investigating a claim in a discrete and empathetic manner to recommend an appropriate settlement for all. While striking this delicate balance might seem tough, Crocker Claims Service is making it a breeze for all its clients.

As one of the pioneers in the independent claims processing sector, Crocker delivers robust claim adjusting and multi-line claims services for insurance organizations. Essentially, the company acts as the eyes and ears of the insurance organizations it represents. Then, by leveraging technology to investigate and inspect property and casualty claims, Crocker aids those insurers and their customers proactively and accurately to accomplish claims settlements. Whether it is property or casualty, Crocker has the best-of-breed claims services to meet all the insurer needs.

Balancing Technology with the ‘Human Touch’

According to Scott Thompson, the president of Crocker Claims Service, “Technology is also playing a key role in streamlining today’s convoluted claims processing landscape.” For this very reason, Crocker incorporates technology to stay ahead in any of its service endeavors. Even beyond using digitalization to accelerate much of the paperwork related tasks, Crocker uses drones to aerially inspect wide, hard-to-reach areas covered by the claims, enabling closer investigation of the damaged areas and faster claims processing.

But, what really sets apart Crocker is its ability to combine technology with the knowledge and expertise of its individual claims handlers to deliver successful outcomes for their clients. A testament to this can be found in the thousands of successful claims settlements—from personal, commercial and construction claims, to false arrest, police brutality, and professional liability— that Thompson and his team of claims specialists have facilitated over the years. “Even when some claims ended up in state or federal courts, Crocker has been there to perform alternate dispute resolutions (ADR) through mediation, arbitration, and claim settlement conferences.”

Being the True Eyes and Ears of Insurance Clients

Owing to these capabilities, clients from the upper Midwest and across the USA trust Crocker to be their eyes and ears in the field. Every time an insurance client approaches Crocker to assess a claim, Crocker claims specialists go out into the field and as experienced investigators gather the right information from all parties involved in an incident.
Whether it is talking to the police and interviewing people or taking pictures and videos of the damaged vehicles or buildings, Crocker’s specialists ensure that all relevant evidence is available for verifying the accuracy of each claim. “This is where our ‘human touch’ comes into play, as we can get more pertinent and reliable information in person rather than over the phone or other forms of communication,” Thompson notes.

As a pioneer in independent claims processing, Crocker delivers robust claim adjusting and multi-line claims services for insurance organizations

To paint a picture of their actual fieldwork at casualty sites, Thompson also shares an interesting case where they had been asked by an insurance client to investigate a snowy Wisconsin winter accident. The claimant, while driving a Ford Mustang, was trying to pass a flatbed truck in the right lane of a fourlane highway. However, the flatbed suddenly jackknifed into the left lane because of the snow, putting the Mustang directly on a collision course. In a split-second decision, the claimant ducked flat on the passenger seat as the car passed through the truck’s undercarriage shearing off the car’s roof. The claimant, fortunately, escaped serious injury. After a meticulous investigation to verify the facts, Crocker recommended to settle the claim by replacing his damaged vehicle. The result was that the claimant and insurer were satisfied with both the claim service and the proposed settlement.

This is but one of the many cases where Crocker has facilitated seamless claims settlements. With locations in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, the company is seeking to expand its geographic base to serve its insurance company clients more completely. While doing so, Crocker will also keep pace with technological innovation, leveraging the best tools to enhance their investigation skill set as well as claims processing operations. Moving ahead with this undeterred momentum; Crocker Claims Service is poised to elevate its position in the insurance claims industry.