Customer expectations are shifting in the insurance industry. The on-demand economy— where customer demands are fulfilled through immediate access to goods and services—is gradually making its presence felt in the insurance claims management segment. Fast and easy access to insurance products and services and rapid claims resolution are becoming crucial for insurers to attract, engage, and retain their end consumers. While relevant domain expertise forms the crux of any insurance carrier’s services, technology to deliver services and products at lightning speed and top-notch quality is a potential game-changer in ensuring an enhanced insured experience.

At the forefront of this new paradigm in the insurance sector is Cross Country Adjusting. The company stands out as one of the earliest adopters of claims adjusting technology in the industry to redefine customer experiences. It utilizes the expertise of its experienced, highly-trained adjusters and cutting-edge claims management technology to streamline and enhance the claims handling process.

As a multi-line claim adjusting company, Cross Country Adjusting specializes in residential and commercial property claims management, desk adjusting claims operations, full third-party administrator (TPA) operations, flood adjusting, and catastrophe response. Through its proprietary online claims management system, mobile application, and a pool of trained adjusters, the company serves insurance carriers with the singular goal of augmenting the experience of insured individuals. In this endeavor, its guiding star is a high standard of excellence in claims adjusting that meets and even exceeds client expectations.

“Our goal is to provide the insured with the best possible claim experience. That drives everything we do and every decision we make,” says William Curry, president of Cross Country Adjusting.

Nimble, fast, and readily adaptable, Cross Country Adjusting’s technology helps fill the wide customer experience gap in insurance claims adjusting. It delivers on-demand access to insurance products and services and provides transparency into the claims process, precisely what the insured needs.

Bridging the Customer Experience Gap

Cross Country Adjusting’s claims management technology immensely eases the entire claims adjusting process for insurers and the insured. The company’s proprietary technology is available as a mobile app. Its fully customizable, carrier-integrated, insuredfacing app can be white-labeled by insurance companies and downloaded by clients. The app provides real-time access to the live status of claims, empowering the insured to stay abreast of the claims adjusting process from start to end. Through the app, the insured can message their adjusters, upload and view relevant photos and documents, sign documents, and rapidly access information. The technology is provided completely free of cost to clients.

Besides focusing on technology, Cross Country Adjusting has perceived a significant knowledge gap among the young claims adjusting workforce in the roofing, construction, and automotive industries. New adjusters, while tech-savvy, often lack adequate trade knowledge of the intricacies of claims adjusting in these sectors.
To fix this practical knowledge gap, Cross Country Adjusting heavily invests in training to equip the current generation of claims adjusters with in-depth industry know-how, creating a qualified talent pipeline of adjusters.

To conduct the adjuster training, Cross Country Adjusting has built a state-of-the-art training center in Atlanta, Georgia, operational since 2021. The center has a fully functioning classroom and a warehouse equipped with a mock-up house with roofing systems. The mock-up facility has full kitchens, bathrooms, drywalls, ceilings, roofs, decks, and fencing designed to offer hands-on training to adjusters. The facility also has open walls with exposed electrical wiring and plumbing to help adjusters understand the ideal setup for house design.

The facility has the provision to replicate scenarios of fires, floods, and winds to study the effect of common hazards on buildings. This helps Cross Country Adjusting train adjusters determine the damage estimates and the corresponding claims coverage to be provided. For the adjusting teams of clients, access to the training facility and programs is free.

The real-world, applied training has found takers among numerous insurance carriers seeking Cross Country Adjusting to train their adjusters. More than 800 adjusters have successfully undergone training since 2021, and the numbers continue to grow.

Deeply focused on ensuring quality, Cross Country Adjusting’s robust quality control department thoroughly reviews each aspect of the company’s offerings, from claims management products to adjuster training programs. The department also reviews each claim before the insurance carrier takes it up, performing a thorough assessment of the damage, which translates into easier claims handling for the carrier. This ultimately ensures favorable outcomes for the insured.

Our goal is to provide the insured with the best possible claim experience. That drives everything we do and every decision we make

This strong emphasis on quality gives Cross Country Adjusting its biggest differentiator in the industry, its robust claims management technology. The company massively invests in quality control, auditing, and automation control to ensure the highest quality, timely, and budget-friendly claims adjusting solutions to clients. The end goal is to ensure the product matches the insured’s expectations.

Customer Centricity at the Core

Cross Country Adjusting’s claims management technology and adjuster training services are built on the bedrock of a customer-centric business model. Driven to provide a seamless claims handling process for clients, the company customizes its solutions to suit their needs.

The potent combination of technological and domain expertise, infused with a customer-centric model, has enabled Cross Country Adjusting to foster long-term client relationships, a rarity in the claims industry. Having discovered the formula for client satisfaction by enhancing the insured’s experience, Cross Country Adjusting has gained the trust and confidence of a host of insurance companies, ranging from small regional carriers to large national ones. It is no wonder that most of its client base grows through referrals from existing clients, who all have only praises for the company’s high-quality products and services.
A shining instance of Cross Country Adjusting’s capabilities is when the company changed a leading national insurance carrier’s perspective toward independent adjusters. More than a decade ago, the carrier was looking to eventually phase out the services of independent adjusters in its operations, as they perceived it to have a poor costto- return ratio. Nevertheless, the carrier brought in Cross Country Adjusting as an independent adjuster on a temporary assignment. By deploying its technology and adjusters, Cross Country Adjusting brought down the carrier’s independent adjusting expenses by $3.6 million while improving their net promoter score (NPS)—a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement metric—by more than 30 percent in the second year of the assignment. These unexpected, noteworthy results led the carrier to reconsider its stance toward independent adjusters.

Today, Cross Country Adjusting acts as a full TPA for the carrier, managing the entirety of their claims process and saving millions of dollars in claims adjustment expenses. For the last 12 years, it has played a decisive role in enhancing customer experience and sales for the carrier, duly reflected in their increasing NPS scores year-on-year.

This is one among a slew of success stories that have enabled Cross Country Adjusting to attain high customer retention rates. The company has retained every single customer since its inception courtesy of its organizational culture of understanding issues from an insurance carrier’s perspective. This is made possible by Cross Country Adjusting’s team of executives, the majority of whom have experience working for various insurance companies.
  • Our extensive insurance carrier background prepares us to understand our customers’ demands and determine the exact product they need

“Our extensive insurance carrier background prepares us to understand our customers’ demands and determine the exact product they need,” affirms Curry.

A strong relatability to the everyday challenges faced by insurance carriers permeates Cross Country Adjusting’s culture and drives the company to develop products and services that serve the needs of the insurers and the insured. Consequently, it enjoys greater customer retention amid a continually growing clientele.

The Growth Continues

In the next chapter, Cross Country Adjusting has two-fold plans to widen the reach of its services, going full speed ahead with its automotive claims and desk adjuster TPA units, propelled by a huge focus on expanding these business segments.

On its journey to offer excellent claims adjusting services to customers, Cross Country Adjusting has always sought to satisfactorily discover how to provide the insured with the best possible experience in claims settlement. The company achieves this by maintaining high standards of excellence in its services on a daily basis. All the while, Cross Country Adjusting delivers a heightened customer experience, making the insured the real focus of its matchless claims management operations at every touchpoint.