Daniel C. Hogan, CEO , D.C. Hogan & Associates, Inc.Daniel C. Hogan, CEO
When Daniel Hogan, CEO of D.C. Hogan & Associates, Inc., launched his public adjusting firm, he understood the frustrations of a policyholder. Having had his property lost due to fire and water, Dan realized how a policyholder is not a representation by the insurance company adjuster and how he had to endure a long, frustrating, and tedious process to cover their losses. With a deep understanding of claimants’ plights, he started his Public Adjuster Career in 2008. Dan Hogan has helped over 4000 clients and has recovered over 250 million for the insured. He created D.C. Hogan & Associates Inc to help represent clients daily. Dan continues to cater to the benefits of the Policyholder with a customer-oriented approach that ensures complete, fair, and timely recovery settlement.

The company comprises a team of licensed professionals trained to handle property loss insurance claims for individual homeowners and businesses, aiming to maximize their claims. With 14 years of experience as a claims adjuster, Mr. Hogan has assembled a team that can provide stellar services amid disasters like water damage, fires, flooding, hurricanes, and more.

“At D.C Hogan & Associates, we spend the time to find additional damages that are often overlooked in the process of claim adjustment,” says Mr. Hogan.

As the pandemic caused notable delay in claim process because the carrier’s adjuster and staff worked remotely, it became clear that we as a Public Adjuster Firm had to be more diligent then ever to get the claim paid accordingly to the time frame in the Policy and State Statue.

The pandemic had caused business income loss more challenging with a Insured covered peril the normal practice for BI documentation is the P&L for the last 6 to 12 months and with Business slow down because of the pandemic we had to get the carrier to review 12 to 24 months of P&L statement to get a true indication of the true Business loss.

An in-depth understanding of the insurance claims process allows D.C Hogan & Associates to fight on the homeowner’s behalf; when the insurance carrier dispatches their adjuster, they are ready. To relieve the burden and reduce the hours involved in handling claims, the company follows stellar practices by leveraging the latest technologies. The company utilizes Matter Port and Docusketch for a virtual tour of the affected property. Thermal imaging cameras use infrared radiation and thermal energy to gather information beyond evident damage. As well as area drones when needed, D.C Hogan & Associates is always pursuing the newest technologies to ensure better service to its clients.

“We passionately represent our clients with honesty and integrity, aiming to maximize their claim settlements,” adds Mr. Hogan.

As a full-time adjusting firm servicing Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and New Jersey, D.C. Hogan & Associates, Inc licensed public adjusters to guide policyholders through every step of the claim adjudication process. The company thoroughly investigates the client’s property loss and provides the insurance company with a detailed damage model. To address the full scope of loss, the team of experts carefully reviews all policies and provisions. The company’s public adjusters calculate replacement and restoration costs for the affected business and/or damaged personal property and use the latest software to itemize affected contents.
The detailed damage report encompasses everything in the policy coverage and accurately outlines repair costs.

D.C Hogan & Associates, Inc also represents clients with supplemental on their claims. The company can help at any point in the insurance claims process, even after the claim is filed and the insured thinks the claim is settled with the insurance company.

At D.C Hogan & Associates, we spend the time to find additional damages that are often overlooked in the process of claim adjustment

For instance, a manufacturing facility in the Dallas/Fort Worth area received its initial claim payment to repair the roof of its facility. The CEO of the company reached out to Mr. Hogan to see how he would be able to help. The D.C Hogan & Associates team thoroughly investigated the site using thermal imaging, collected core samples of the roof system and sent the collected samples for lab tests. Due to this intervention, the client got a complete replacement of the roof system. The original claim payment was $285,000.00, and the team secured a total settlement of $1,235,000.00 for the insured.

With the wealth of knowledge as a claim adjusting firm, D.C Hogan & Associates, Inc has an eye for detail, noticing damage otherwise overlooked by the carrier. A prominent example is a church in Florida that was damaged due to hurricane Michael. The insurance company only paid for a minor repair on the roof. As the pastor and parishioners were doubtful about their insurance claim, they retained D.C Hogan & Associates, Inc services. When the company inspected the loss, they discovered that the unavailability of clay tiles was the primary hindrance to the roof’s repair. D.C Hogan & Associates negotiated with the insurance company and received a complete replacement for the church and the cover of the interior. The original claim payment was $38,275.00, and the firm secured a total settlement of $428,598.00 for the insured.

D.C. Hogan & Associates, Inc provides expert appraisal and umpire representation when there is an insurance dispute and a client, public adjuster, and an attorney demands appraisal of an insurance claim; Mr. Hogan has done thousands of appraisals.

As an advocate for the insured, D.C Hogan & Associates, Inc’s goal is to stand up for the insured when needed.

Our Mission Statement

To attract, grow, and develop our team to serve the interest of the Policyholder with the highest level of honesty, ethics, and nonnegotiable behaviors and perform within the licensed and legal standards. When we do the right thing, the Policyholder wins every time.

Our Vision

Our Vision for the company is to grow our client base nationally all the way to an international firm. We represent our clients passionately with the strongest ethics and honesty and do the right thing every time to maximize the claim settlement for our clients.

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