Timothy Blake Day, President, Day Adjusting and ConsultingTimothy Blake Day, President
Claim settlement is a long and tedious process, rife with paperwork and policy assessments. Inordinate delays are a common sight in the world of insurance. Homeowners need an ally that can support them in settling their claims seamlessly. Using their public adjusters, Day Adjusting and Consulting helps people achieve the same by handling their entire claims process. “We meet with the representatives of the insurance companies, negotiate the damages, and help policy holders get the best possible settlement out of their claims,” says Timothy Blake Day, president of Day Adjusting and Consulting.

A public adjuster in insurance is like a public defender in legal. Both have the best interest of the client they represent. Unfortunately, many insurance companies refrain from talking about public adjusters. They are, after all, defendants of the public and highly skilled in their jobs. Public adjusters go through a lengthy and extensively regulated process to earn their licenses and credentials. Day Adjusting and Consulting have an array of experienced public adjusters who act on behalf of policyholders in advising, managing, and submitting claims to the insurance companies.

What is their sole interest?

To help homeowners and property owners get the claims they deserve.

We meet with the representatives of the insurance companies, negotiate the damages, and help policy holders get the best possible settlement out of their claims

When an Epiphany Turned into Reality

The journey of Day Adjusting and Consulting started with an epiphany. Before founding the company, Day was an independent adjuster representing insurance companies during Hurricane Sally in New York and Hurricane Irma in Florida. In a nutshell, whenever there was a natural catastrophe, Day would be there to assess the damages. During these times, he witnessed how insurance organizations undercut the claims of homeowners.

They would make the adjusters stick to the guidelines instead of their own judgments. The instructions on a piece of paper would decide whether their claims are valid or futile. Even if people got their claims, they were underpaid for not meeting the insurance criteria. It was unfair, to say the least.

Those who lose their homes and their life savings shouldn’t go through more turmoil. Insurers, after all, are there to help people, not rip them off. This reality inspired him to jump ship and represent the public’s interests instead.
Since then, Day Adjusting and Consulting is helping homeowners in Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, and Louisiana estimate their claims and get the settlements they rightfully deserve. Maybe just say “Helping homeowners across the country” vs listing all the states?

Capabilities Driven by Experience

In the insurance industry, as much as good experience can streamline the settlement process, lack of it can cause numerous challenges. An inexperienced adjuster from the insurance company can write the wrong date of loss in their report or use inaccurate verbiage. In insurance, one cannot bend the truth or deviate from reality. Facts are supposed to be facts. Any deviation from the truth can make the whole claim ineffective. For this reason, adjusters should be well experienced in evaluating the damages, sticking to the facts, and speaking the truth.

Day Adjusting and Consulting is housed with experienced adjusters who know the settlement process inside out. The knowledge comes in handy when representatives of insurance companies miscalculate certain claims. This happens mostly during natural tragedies. For instance, during hurricanes, the settlement process becomes quite complicated.

An adjuster can write, ‘the house was flooded with water’ when in reality, a tree had fallen on the roof during heavy rains and allowed water in the home. The insurance company might not pay the policyholder for covered damage when the wrong cause of loss was determined. Inaccuracies like these call for experienced adjusters with the necessary skills to navigate the narrative, use the right terms, and calculate damages meticulously.
  • Today, we proudly represent the public’s interest, protecting their savings and giving them hope in times of tragedy

Fighting the Fight of Homeowners

All adjusters at Day Adjusting and Consulting have a minimum experience of 10 years, where they managed over ten thousand claims. Just like Day, they all jumped ship when they saw how common folks were undercut by insurance companies. “Today, they proudly represent the public’s interest, protecting their savings and giving them hope in times of tragedy,” says Day.

Apart from being licensed by state law, the public adjusters at Day Adjusting and Consulting are well versed in using the latest technologies. They use various tools to make the narrative and claims accurate. They sit with the homeowners and “listen” to them first, a rare sight in insurance. After talking to them, the company’s adjusters use technologies like 3D modelling to digitally map the entire property and calculate the damages that occurred during the event. This allows them to evaluate damages with precision and present the claims without any errors or slipups to the insurers.

Day Adjusting and Consulting believes in honest communication with homeowners. If there is something not covered in their insurance, homeowners need to know first. Honest communication gives people relief and gets rid of any false hope. When someone who knows insurance is on their side, it assures them that their future is safe because someone is fighting their fight. This is what public adjusters at Day Adjusting and Consulting do, fighting for homeowners so they can get what they deserve.