Doreen Binkiewicz, Business Owner, DGL Business Solutions Inc.Doreen Binkiewicz, Business Owner
Doreen Binkiewicz’s journey in the accounting world began with helping individuals start businesses and grow them sustainably. She quickly learned that to achieve sustainability, they had to have a robust bookkeeping process in place to accurately interpret and efficiently manage their finances. Binkiewicz decided to help them bolster their record-keeping foundation, which was essential for boosting business growth. This vision paved the way for DGL Business Solutions, an advisory and bookkeeping service facilitating business success by demystifying the complexities of financial workflows.

DGL Business Solutions functions as a dependable and confidential bookkeeping arm, handling short- and long-term financial planning for clients while they focus on other critical business functions. DGL’s services include bookkeeping and financial advisory services, which assist business owners in strategically planning for profit, paying down debt, and reaching their financial goals. Whether the clients are from retail, manufacturing, legal and professional service, preschool and childcare, property management, construction trades, or non-profit sectors, DGL utilizes its expertise to focus profit in order to boost the financial foundation of the business.

“We put together accurate and timely financial information in an understandable form to make it more valuable to the business owner in their decision-making process,” says Binkiewicz, Business Owner of DGL Business Solutions.

Financial reports are only as good as the information they contain. DGL starts every engagement with a detailed evaluation of a client’s bookkeeping systems, processes, and accuracy.
The firm assesses how books are managed and if a business is complying with regulations. If everything is on point, bookkeeping workflows are prescribed and followed depending on the financial nuances of the business.

With financials in order and the client’s business goals becoming clear, DGL makes sure that the client’s information is updated promptly and accurately. The business owner then has access to reports that reflect their current statusin order to make informed financial decisions to grow their business. The financial details are recorded, transactions are tracked, and the accounts are optimally maintained. The efficiency is measured and conveyed, allowing clients to track their progress over time.

We put together accurate and timely financial information in an understandable form that is useful to the business owner in their decisionmaking process

DGL also acts as a sounding board for the business owner to use to establish ongoing KPIs and assists in cash management following its Profit First Strategic Assessments & Strategies approach to achieve sustainable results. As an advisory partner, DGL assists clients with financial goal setting, strategic planning, cash flow reporting, and forecasting. For instance, if a client wants to buy a property, DGL assists with a plan to achieve their short-term goal without hampering long-term success. The experts at DGL have helped numerous businesses across various industries succeed and grow. Its expertise guides the business in facing the challenges of doing business in today’s environment.

Business is not always perfect; problems, issues, or challenges occasionally arise. Good bookkeeping and advisory service providers like DGL empower clients to come out of the dark zone and bolster their financial standing. After assisting clients in achieving their goals, DGL assists in oversight and advisory work, maintaining the team relationship with their clients to enable them to reach even higher levels of success.