White-label fintech services might be the way ahead in a world where financial services are continuously developing and consumers seek more simplicity. Leveraging the offerings of white label banking and advanced financial software companies can ensure furnished consumer-centric experiences to each one of their customers without having to engage in time-consuming development work. One such company, delivering fit-for-purpose and dynamic payments solutions catering to its partners’ local and international transaction demands, is DSSC. The firm develops custom-made payment technology platforms and provides tailor-made services. It also takes into account the stakeholders’ innovations, goals, and aspirations in the ever-changing payments industry as well.

With its genesis in 2016, DSSC creates payment solutions and financial services technology featuring critical and necessary data security and artificial intelligence competencies. The firm promotes the secure and compliant interconnection of payments, financial products, and services, as well as system and product aggregation. By linking partners to the global network of corridors, faster, cheaper, and more accessible transactions are facilitated irrespective of the currencies. Furthermore, DSSC assists its clients in developing new and sustainable income streams. The domestic financial services, digital solutions, aimed to enable e-wallets, Micro Core Banking, and ecommerce allows for the digital connectivity of enterprises and organizations all over the world.

DSSC transports payments from senders to recipients using its superior technology in real-time at low costs, both domestically and internationally, which adds value to a client’s business. The outstanding payment technology developed by the firm is adaptable, portable, and scalable. Transactions are completed instantly on the in-house payment platform, which allows for fast FX conversion and eliminates the need for manual processing. The firm is focused on assisting partners to provide fast, reliable, valuable, and compliant services to its consumers.
For daily, weekly, and monthly reconciliation, the firm’s InterMap treasury platform provides real-time financial information. The technology used in InterMap is unique and easily configurable to manage the smallest financial transactions all the way up to the largest. The platform is built around financial and payment services, compliance, reporting, marketing, and data security. It is easily customizable to the existing payment infrastructure and handles minute transactions of funds as well as the aggregation of nationwide financial transactions through its national switch infrastructures. With a team that is highly experienced across mobile financial services, remittance, payments, and compliance the platform is well maintained and updated regularly. The platform developed by DSSC also eliminates the need for its partners to have a bank account or a Visa card.

Through the firm’s Aggregator platform, clients can gain access to all international remittance corridors—providing advantages of the expansive payment networks—which continue to expand as the firm stretches operations into new countries. DSSC provides its services to financial institutions, mobile money operators, mobile network carriers, and international remittance service providers. Ongoing market trend analysis and proactive sharing are conducted regularly to promote service delivery and client satisfaction. The provision of a complete white label product enables partners to offer digital financial services to their customers immediately. Training, support, and guidance regarding the systems, models, and regulatory requirements are also provided by the firm. Unlike larger companies that impose the pre-existing financial platform on clients, DSSC adheres to an “outside-in approach” by providing financial solutions, which are tailored for each client.