Kale Goodman, Co-Founder, Easier AccountingKale Goodman, Co-Founder
Imagine executing a billion-dollar idea with the perfect business model and eventually seeing the profits vanish into thin air due to poor accounting. According to a U.S. Bank study by Jessie Hagan, more than 80 percent of businesses fail due to cash flow mismanagement. Entrepreneurs looking to make it big on their own in today’s competitive world have a lot on their plate, and it can happen to any one of them if accounting is not given adequate attention. Irregularly done bookkeeping, tax preparation, and other accounting requirements can put them on the spot when the tax day comes. Moreover, unlike large enterprises, small businesses cannot afford to implement high-end software solutions or rope in highly competent Certified Public Accountants who charge exorbitantly.

Easier Accounting, based in Utah, helps such businesses and entrepreneurs by ensuring that their bookkeeping, taxes, and other accounting needs are taken care of every month. The company complements its service with a cloud-based ‘XERO Accounting Software’ that renders the requisite accounting information whenever needed. “We take pride in handholding our customers to get everything set up properly in the beginning stages. We make sure that they are set up for the maximum amount of tax savings. We really hold our clients accountable to get us what we need, so that we can truly take it off their plates. This is what differentiates us from most accounting firms. They don’t have the systems and the processes internally on the service side to truly service their clients the way they need to be serviced every single month,” says Kale Goodman, Co-Founder of Easier Accounting.

Being a serial entrepreneur himself and having worked as a sales executive in an accounting firm, Kale understands the accounting requirements of businesses clearly. “The biggest complaint that we hear from clients that are switching from an accountant to us is that they never got proper communication. So, we built our systems and processes where it is mandatory that our lead accountants must communicate with their clients, every single month,” adds Kale.

We take pride in handholding our customers to get everything set up properly in the beginning stages. We make sure that they are set up for the maximum amount of tax savings

There are numerous examples of how the company has helped its customers make their accounting more efficient. One of them is of a doctor with her practice. Being the primary doctor, she did not have time to oversee the accounting part of her operations. She had an internal bookkeeper and a CPA who would handle her taxes for every year. However, there was a lack of strategy, and there was no communication throughout the year. When she approached Easier Accounting, the company started with tax planning. During the process, it found that she was missing out on over $40,000 in tax savings every single year. Also, the bookkeeper was an employee on her payroll. So, by outsourcing her accounting, the doctor benefitted through tax savings and by reducing her monthly expense.

Having helped many other clients improve their accounting, Easier Accounting has come a long way. Being led by a team of entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to run a business gives the company an edge in terms of solving the real problems of its customers. A testimony to the kind of response it has received in the market is the fact that the company’s revenue has surged from a couple of million dollars a year to over $10 million last year. “We have become very efficient at what we do because of our systems, processes, and strategy. Our goal is to change the standard in accounting and ensure that other accounting firms adopt that. By bringing about this systemic change in accounting we are confident of becoming the go-to company that equips small business owners with everything that the big corporations get,” signs off Kale.