Tom Zucker, Founder and President, EdgePointTom Zucker, Founder and President
EdgePoint, an award-winning M&A advisory firm, helps its clients seamlessly unravel the complexities of the M&A journey, making the transition from ‘selling’ to ‘sold’ straightforward and certain. EdgePoint’s formula for success is rooted in their client first approach and their unwavering motto of “Results with Integrity.”

“We follow a client-first mindset where we prioritize serving our clients through an important transition by focusing on change readiness and market differentiation, all while preserving the spirit of their family business,’’ says Tom Zucker, founder and president of EdgePoint.

Its services offer a guiding hand to family businesses and entrepreneurial owners, who often find it difficult to accurately position themselves in the marketplace in a way that’s most appealing to potential buyers. Selling or transferring ownership can be an intricate and tedious process, but with EdgePoint’s guided support and tailored M&A process, clients effortlessly align with their business’s unique objectives, identify hidden deal risks, confidently navigate the process, and close the M&A deal with certainty.

Over the past several decades, EdgePoint have refined their sell-side M&A practice to provide extraordinary outcomes for their clients. They have developed deep expertise in the industrial, business services and healthcare sectors which has enabled better values for their clients. Their connectivity to industry players and buyers, and their knowledge of market dynamics enables EdgePoint to provide better advice and outcomes for their clients. In addition, their deployment of seasoned M&A professionals to lead engagements have led to industry-leading deal closing rates.

The ability to understand the dynamics of a family business and to approach a transaction with empathy and integrity is truly unique in the M&A profession.
Zucker’s past family business experiences, a decade of serving world class companies while at Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen, and over two decades of building EdgePoint have help set the culture at EdgePoint.

He wanted to orchestrate a transition journey that respects an owner’s emotional ties to their business and employees during the ownership transfer. EdgePoint’s M&A advisory role is an embodiment of just that.

EdgePoint’s M&A advisors leverage their investment banking expertise to help clients reap the best value from a business sale. For instance, EdgePoint urged a client who was rushing to sell their business to put the selling process on hold as it recognized their technology investments needed time to gain market acceptance. The M&A advisors closely analyzed the market and anticipated that there would be an increase in demand for the technology in a couple of years. This prediction came true within 24 months, when the company’s profits quadrupled. The company is now recognized as a premier supplier of industrial tools. EdgePoint, with its industrial expertise, recognizes the true value of its clients’ businesses and guides them through the internal and external aspects of the M&A process to bring exceptional results.

We follow a client first mindset where we prioritize serving our clients through an important transition by focusing on change readiness and market differentiation, all while preserving the spirit of their family business

Today, EdgePoint’s efforts are honored through numerous awards from industry associations: M&A Advisor, Smart Business, and the M&A Atlas awards. Recently, EdgePoint was honored as Investment Banker of the Year and the Private Equity Deal of the Year award recipient.

EdgePoint’s commitment to serving their clients with integrity, confidentiality, and empathy has set the building blocks of their success. Their M&A team and their unique industry and M&A knowledge enable them to provide superior service and achieve extraordinary outcomes. EdgePoint clearly has set the bar for sell-side M&A execution in the lower middle market.