Valeriy Zeltser, Founder and CEO, EPCVIPValeriy Zeltser, Founder and CEO
Over the last decade, marketing and advertising in the financial services sector have evolved dramatically. For years, businesses have been relying on traditional marketing tactics to obtain potential customers. Today, as digitalization sweeps across all industries, financial institutions are moving toward innovative marketing strategies to attract qualified prospects through valuable content and experiences specifically tailored to them. New-age marketers use a combination of email campaigns, blogs, and social media content to reach a global audience—at a fraction of traditional advertising costs. Digital lead generation is not, however, an easy skill to master. Traditional firms need a reliable marketing partner with in-depth financial service knowledge to convert leads into sales. Media and consumer acquisition costs are immense in the fintech space and the competition is fierce. Marketers are under a lot of constant pressure and it is only these types of results that can power significant sustainable growth.

Against this backdrop, growing your existing fintech business or launching a new one by successfully competing in the lead generation arena is close to impossible. So, what can financial institutions do to better their chances of success?

"Our unique technology enables us to outperform the competition by making sure we are driving traffic to the most highly optimized landing pages we can generate"

CA-based has the answer. Specializing in innovative lead generation, EPCVIP has developed a proprietary, customizable lead optimization platform, specifically designed for the financial services industry. This platform and the team that runs it, enables banks and financial institutions to yield the industry’s highest earnings per click (EPCs). The company’s founder and CEO, Valeriy Zeltser, says, “Through our platform, we have created proven, practical, and effective strategies that drive quality leads and sales while lowering the marketing costs for our clients. In other words, we are redefining lead generation as a whole, while adding extreme value for the companies we empower.” EPCVIP’s platform provides the ability for bankers, lenders, and financial organizations to customize their landing page with information on their products and services in the shortest time and track results such as gross revenue, page visitors, conversion rates, and more.

Identifying the Missing Gaps

After majoring in economics and mathematics, Zeltser, a self-proclaimed data nerd, ventured into financial analysis and risk management. He helped organizations analyze their sales and identify areas of the potential risk threatening their bottom line. In parallel, Zeltser became a self-taught programmer and went on to develop enough of his own fledgling technology, that he was able to use to start sending leads to different lending institutions. Zeltser quickly realized that only one landing page for each lender would never work. Different landing pages appeal differently to different consumers. Simply put, the more variations you are able to try, the more opportunities a company will have to convert visitors into leads. Moreover, there was no solution in the market that allowed Zeltser to include different logos, headlines, images, copy, and lead forms to test each facet’s appeal to the audience’s array of interests. Zeltser’s analytical, data-driven mind and ability to design variation tests, led him to create the effective lead generation tool he needed to succeed. He built a system that not only enabled him to have more than one landing page per client, but also automatically tied different metrics and remarketing channels together into one set of metrics.

At EPCVIP, we don’t just drive traffic, we drive high-quality leads, sales, and, most importantly, results that foster successful long-term partnerships

Version 1.0 of his proprietary platform resulted in over a 25 percent increase in conversion for each client.

After the early success of the initial platform, Zeltser set his sights on an upgraded version that could scale leads for multiple clients across different types of industries, nationwide. It was this quest that went on to become the foundation for the of today. In 2020, the firm is comfortably recognized as a leader in lead generation and leverages its proprietary solutions to power financial service firms across the U.S. “We always lead through innovation. We keep up to date with the new technological developments in an attempt to improve and make marketing strategies more efficient,” informs Zeltser. EPCVIP possesses a profound understanding of pay-per-click (PPC) and display media buying, search engine optimization, and email marketing. “At EPCVIP, we don’t just drive traffic, we drive high-quality leads, sales, and, most importantly, results that foster successful long-term partnerships,” adds Zeltser.

Optimizing Content to Maximize Lead Quality

EPCVIP developed its dynamic platform with an integrated machine learning algorithm, providing real-time analytics, tracking, making, managing and optimizing your campaign performance much easier. The platform can predict your sales growth per user as well as per segment. It is able to aggregate extremely large amounts of data on website visitors and leads, and can then use that information to build personalized campaigns at scale. Data optimization and intelligent list segmentation, allow EPCVIP to achieve exceptional results. “Our unique technology enables us to outperform the competition by making sure we are driving traffic to the most highly optimized landing pages we can generate. This is what gives EPCVIP the bid winning edge and grants us access to the vast volume of qualified leads that we control,” explains Zeltser.

The various areas that EPCVIP caters to, include debt consolidation, personal and business loans, credit monitoring, auto finance, and health and beauty products, along with a few others that currently remain under wraps.

Driving High-Quality Leads and Results

When it comes to the approach EPCVIP takes to onboard clients, it is much like an advisory service. The team initially engages with the client to gather in-depth information on their operations from beginning to end. From there, bottlenecks are identified and targets are set based on the number of leads they handle per day combined with budget constraints. Additionally, EPCVIP also collates information on the kind of metrics they should be looking for. EPCVIP then customizes the platform, features, and functionalities that best align with the client’s unique requirements. From there, EPCVIP begins A/B testing using different variables to identify which effort and campaign are the most effective. Insights from the data collected provide users with invaluable information about what their prospects are responding to best.
Further optimizations enable EPCVIP to devise marketing strategies that will benefit their clients the most. “In other words, what we do is more personalized to the specific client’s demands, less based on intuition and more on hard facts,” adds Zeltser.

Above all, what truly sets EPCVIP apart from other companies in the space is the comprehensive information they maintain on all of their leads. The firm has trained experts with CFA degrees that understand that data presentation is as important as the data itself. “Businesses today want to partner with people that can walk the talk and educate them while they are achieving success as opposed to paying a bill and generating ‘X’ amount of money,” asserts Zeltser. “That is precisely how we work at EPCVIP. We are much more of a partner than a vendor.” EPCVIP is strategic in the way that what it does for itself, it is also doing for its clients as well.

To give a better understanding of the benefits of partnering with EPCVIP, Zeltser cites the story of a client that they collaborated with for appliance financing, which is similar to peer-to-peer lending. EPCVIP redid the client’s entire software architecture, rebuilt all their APIs, upgraded their landing pages and portals, and helped them attract more consumers leading to a higher number of qualified loan applications. Prior to EPCVIP, the client was making a profit of $12,000 a month, which was impressive. Three months after taking on the client, EPCVIP turned that into over five million a year in sales. “In as little as three months, just by cleaning up their technology and architecture, streamlining a lot of their services, and bringing in our marketing experience, we were able to exponentially multiply the client’s profits,” remarks Zeltser.

Personalization is the Future

Accomplishments like these are what have propelled EPCVIP to the forefront. In the last five years, EPCVIP has helped several businesses in the financial services market generate tens of thousands of leads per day. Zeltser attributes this continued success to the EPCVIP family of talented employees and superior technology. EPCVIP’s business model focuses on forging profitable and long-lasting relationships. The EPCVIP team has a total ofover 50 experts with unique complementary skill sets. These competencies have allowed EPCVIP to create one of the fastest-growing lead generation platforms in today’s marketplace. Zeltser makes it a point to encourage a culture of open-mindedness, innovation, and teamwork through hands-on mentorship.

For the geographical road ahead, the firm has set its sights on expanding internationally. On the technological end, Zeltser believes the year ahead is going to be the year of data. “Everything from cyber penetration testing and cybersecurity to peer-to-peer lending and personal loans, what is common is: an individual looking for a solution,” asserts Zeltser. The never-ending innovation at EPCVIP has them upgrading their platform to predict a visitor’s behavior and the types of products that will appeal to them.

In today’s digital financial landscape, marketers have to wear multiple hats and leverage an array of channels to deliver effective marketing campaigns. With EPCVIP, acting as the external prospecting arm of any organization, the risk of failure goes way, way, down and generating high-quality leads becomes much, much, easier.