Francisco Colomer, President, FCS Public AdjustersFrancisco Colomer, President
Homeowners secure their homes from the aftermath of adversities by paying a premium to insurance organizations and hoping they never have to file a claim. It is a tardy process involving many checks to gain maximum settlement. Insureds are often unaware of the process and terminologies to be followed, leading to low settlement or denial of the claim.

Public adjusters can help insureds avoid this tribulation, working on their behalf and getting them the compensation they deserve. However, selecting an expert public adjuster is challenging as bad actors throng the vicinity of calamity-affected areas. Strong referrals go a long way, which FCS Public Adjusters has been garnering since its inception with the belief that customer service is everything.

“We like to take care of our clients,” says Francisco Colomer, primary public adjuster and president of FCS Public Adjusters. “Our job is to protect our clients and ensure if something happens, we will be there to help them out.”

FCS aims to ensure complete recovery for covered losses like wind, water, fire, smoke, and storm damage for homeowners or businesses.

One has to submit a comprehensive and accurate assessment to the insurance provider to gain an advantage. In this regard, the licensed and insured public adjuster uses an estimating software system in real-time to provide an upto- date pricing system. Emphasis is given to the policy to ensure claim filing is within coverage.
Experts at FCS Public Adjusters are adept at interpreting the damage and distinguishing policy coverage to prepare complicated claims in compliance with the policy. It then provides estimates, pictures, and documents to the insurance organization and regularly follows up with them till the client receives the settlement amount.

In many cases, the settlement amount is higher than the client could have gotten without FCS Public Adjusters’ help. For instance, a client’s house was almost destroyed by a hurricane. He believed the insurance organization would pay him the desired claim as he had been paying a premium for the past 15 years. The client called Colomer and informed them that he had received a check for $2,400 for the destroyed roof and walls full of mold. Colomer estimated the total damages account for $123,000.00. FCS Public Adjusters intervened and got the client over $80,000.00.

Our job is to protect our clients and ensure that if something happens to them, we will be there to help them out

This is the usual case with FCS Public Adjusters, where it has gotten 500 to 600 percent of the initial claim settlement amount for clients. Word of mouth about it is strong, and most clients are referrals from previous clients.

Caring about clients can take a company places, and FCS Public Adjusters has witnessed that over the years. It has partnered with vendors to provide alternate accommodation to clients whose house is severely damaged because of fire or water leakages. It even helps clients sell their property or clean the mess after a fire. Usually, clients are nervous that insurance organizations will not approve their renewal or kick them out of the policy. FCS Public Adjusters alleviates this fear, guides them throughout the process, and offers them peace of mind.