Mark D’Amico, Owner, First Coast Claim ConsultantsMark D’Amico, Owner
Insurance claims are complex. With a large or small property damage claim, an insured is entitled to recover a prompt, full and fair settlement for all damages. However, navigating and negotiating a fair claim settlement can be challenging, especially after an emotionally draining catastrophe. Insurance claims are an expense to an insurance company. The insurance adjuster hired and sent by your insurance company, works for that company. This creates a conflict of interest for policyholder’s looking out for their own best interest. If the insured rely entirely on the insurance company to calculate the amount of damage, they may fail to recover the desired or correct amount in the claim settlement. This is where First Coast Claim Consultants makes a huge difference.

“Our goal is to represent and advocate for the policyholder’s position in the property damage claim. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients stay in control of their claim and are properly paid for the damages owed by their policy,” says Mark D’Amico, owner of First Coast Claim Consultants.

First Coast Claim Consultants is Northeast Florida’s premier public adjusting firm that communicates with insurance companies on behalf of the insured to negotiate a claim settlement. The company places client (policyholder) interest at the center by representing, advocating, and protecting their position in property damage claims. First Coast Claim Consultants becomes the guiding compass for the insured, reviewing policies and pointing out gaps in their coverages, managing their claim, and navigates them through the journey until they recover a full or fair settlement.

What enables First Coast Claim Consultants to achieve this is its G.P.S. principle—GUIDENCE, PREPARATION, and SETTELMENT—approach. It starts with guiding the insured with complete clarity and direction on ‘what to do’ and ‘what happens next’ during the claim process. The company assembles an on-site expert team, including contractors, engineers, and building consultants, to investigate the full extent of damages and collect necessary evidence in the form of photos, videos, expert reports, as well as estimates, and affidavits. During the process, First Coast Claim Consultants ensures the customer stays in control.
Gathering all the investigation reports, the company enters the preparation stage, where it prepares detailed and streamlined documentation along with the proof of loss to present to the insurance company. The document’s narrative ensures that the insurance company correctly comprehends the full scenario. This includes the full extent of the damages and the proper repair methods necessary to fully indemnify the policyholder. Next comes the settlement stage. In the end, First Coast Claim Consultants discusses and negotiates with the insurer based on the policy coverage and arrives at a favorable settlement for the insured.

To facilitate this, the company has a team of specialists led by D’Amico, who has more than a decade of expertise working as a public adjuster and a committee member of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA). The First Coast Claim Consultants team lays the groundwork through their GPS policy adjusting approach and ensures clients are paid what they are rightfully owed. All the while, the team strictly adheres to the ever-evolving insurance claim practice regulations.
  • Our goal is to represent and advocate the policyholder’s position for property damage claims, relieving stress and ensuring proper payment for what is owed by their policy

With these unmatched competencies, First Coast Claims Consultants has aided numerous policyholders in recovering from financial loss due to an insured event. For instance, recently, a young couple who faced fire damage to their house sought First Coast Claim Consultants’ help to guide them and recover maximum settlement. The client was already working with a contractor who was attempting to handling the claim for them. As the insurance company delayed their claim for months without payment, the contractor held the client’s property hostage, putting them under more pressure. The couple met D’Amico and onboarded First Coast Claim Consultants to start the entire claim process again. The company conducted a thorough investigation of the property. Within a couple of months, First Coast Claim Consultants made the insurance company pay the full policy limit to the young couple, enabling them to restore the house to its pre-loss condition.

First Coast Claim Consultants makes such success stories possible with the belief that its clients are a part of the First Coast family. The company becomes the springboard of success for its clients by staying at their side throughout the challenging and complex insurance claim processes.