Financial planning is subject to change based on the various milestones in an individual's life, like planning to purchase a new house or sending their child to college. A financial strategy planning process that includes these special events enables people to improve their financial well-being to achieve their goals and stay prepared for an unforeseen potential financial crisis.

Freedom Financial Planning LLC, a financial service provider, empowers clients by crafting unique financial roadmaps according to their circumstances and requirements by placing itself in their shoes. It understands that every individual has their definition of financial independence and provides strategies and recommendations that help them achieve their goals.

Our service model ensures that the client's questions are always answered, and they are comfortable with the plan. They can also inform us in case of a major life event, and we can adjust the financial plan accordingly

Wherever money touches life, Freedom Financial Planning LLC can help. Following this mantra, senior partners at the firm - Michael Silverstein and Judy Plain, employ a customer-centric approach to simplify and navigate the intricate wealth creation and management processes, helping clients achieve financial independence. The firm’s services include holistic financial planning, business planning services and ESOP, investment management, asset allocation, and acting as a rollover specialist.

To help clients plan a relaxing retirement or discover a route to minimize taxes, Michael and Judy employ a well-developed financial planning process to understand customer needs and demands and accordingly deliver solutions. The process begins by establishing a relationship with them where the experts gain a thorough understanding of their circumstances, goals, and requirements. Then, the customers are required to complete a financial profile worksheet and provide relevant financial documents. Leveraging reliable financial planning and CRM software, the firm analyzes clients' current holdings and develops tailored financial strategies in line with their short and long-term needs.
Once a roadmap is created, Michael and Judy educate them on the rationale for the plan and guide them during implementation. In case of financial emergencies or a significant life event, it adjusts the strategy, paving the way for clients to experience a safe transition.

"Our service model ensures clients' questions are always answered, and they are comfortable with the plan. They can also inform us in case of a major life event, and we can adjust the financial plan accordingly," says Michael Silverstein, senior partner of Financial Freedom Planning LLC.

Employing a customer-centric approach and flexible service model, Judy has helped multiple clients from all walks of life by crafting unique and tailored financial roadmaps. For instance, a 55-year-old woman lacking a healthy work-life balance in a demanding corporate job wanted to retire within five years instead of waiting for the apt retirement age of 65. After analyzing her financial health and assets, Freedom Financial Planning developed and implemented a plan that entailed increasing her retirement and regular savings, and repaying her debt. She followed every strategy suggested and retired at 60 years old. The devised strategy also offered her the flexibility to return to her corporate job if the work pressure was significantly reduced.

Likewise, Mike and Judy also helped a couple, who had enough savings to retire but were told by other financial advisors that they lack the required amount. After analyzing their financial situation, current holdings, and income needs, the firm drew up a suitable plan for their secure retirement. The financial strategy was successful that even after USA overcame a national economic crisis, the couple expressed their interest in purchasing a property in Florida, and Mike and Judy executed a plan to assist them in achieving this goal.

Michael Silverstein and Judy Plain put forth their cumulative experience in the field of teaching and banking to assist in the customer-centric approach they utilize, enabling them to solve their clients' financial problems without fail. The firm’s other staff also strives to empathize with the client's issues which allows them to provide an easier and more indepth understanding of the plans and strategies. These factors, combined with the recognition of the hard work they receive from the service provider make Freedom Financial Planning LLC the preferred financial planning partner for clients.