Angie Hopkins, Partner, FROSTAngie Hopkins, Partner
The world of accounting and valuation can be a complicated and intimidating to navigate. The rules and regulations are often confusing, and even the most experienced accountants can find themselves unsure of how to proceed in certain situations.

With ever-changing economic conditions, evaluating the value of assets and making sound financial decisions becomes difficult. Take agriculture and poultry for instance. Due to fluctuations in supply and demand, the market landscape in these industries can easily affect prices, asset values, financial disputes, and more. FROST consults with organizations in niche industries such as agriculture, poultry, cannabis, food processing, and livestock to manage their assets and finances from the whims of the marketplace.

“We help businesses manage their expectations and navigate during pricing pressures in unfavorable market conditions,” says Angie Hopkins, partner at FROST. The experts can help their clients to identify alternative financing options to help them endure unfavorable market environments. FROST consults with businesses to help identify options to steer their operations while circumnavigating financial difficulties during downturns in the market, as well as capitalizing on upturns.

The financial expertise of FROST also goes beyond the boundaries of the niche market. FROST professionals helps families, too, in managing their generational wealth. Within a family, if assets are passed down from one generation to another—a company, for instance—FROST can smooth the transition by assisting the older generation in the transfer of asset distribution to the next generation.
In addition, FROST has a dedicated group of professionals that specialize in more complex cases, such as marital dissolution and damages calculations in various litigation matters.

While the company has expertise in various sectors, such as construction and manufacturing, its rich experience lies in agriculture and food processing. Organizations in these industries rely on the cyclicality of nature, where the costs of products can fluctuate due to weather or an increase in the cost of raising animals. FROST consults with these companies to get current guidance on their businesses in the current economic and tax climate in order to manage their operations to manage the business climate at hand.

We help businesses manage their expectations and navigate during pricing pressures in unfavorable market conditions

As a traditional public accounting firm, FROST can assist a client to monitor their financial needs. Whether it’s auditing, valuation, litigation, income tax reporting, or income tax planning, the company proactively works with organizations to help assist them in their goals. In every project, the company focuses solely on their client’s needs in outlining their approach to services.

What makes this company competent is its people; certified professionals in fraud, financial forensics, business valuation, market analysis, and more. Hopkins herself is an industry veteran with decades of experience in business valuation and litigation support. Together, the people at FROST have built a strong foothold in Arkansas, North Carolina, Arizona, and Denver.

It doesn’t end here. In the coming years, the company will continue to grow by expanding its footprint to mergers and acquisitions.