Dina Fliss, President & Chief Investment Strategist , Global View Capital ManagementDina Fliss, President & Chief Investment Strategist
While expressing her thoughts about the present-day investment market, Dina Fliss, president and chief investment strategist of Global View Capital Management (GVCM), elucidates the quote by Albert Einstein.

Beginning her career in the financial industry at 24, Dina has evolved into a prescient entrepreneur with overarching knowledge about the volatile investment market. Looking at the increasing volatility and risk in the financial investment market, Dina Fliss believes that the buy-and-hold strategy of assets is an emotional whipsaw for the clients.

To prevent investors from experiencing a roller coaster ride in the financial trading and investment arena, GVCM, an SEC registered investment advisory firm, provides diversified financial services, such as investment advisory, insurance, financial planning, business development, and global asset management, and offers active downside protection to clients in severe market declines.

“We’re fiduciaries acting in the best interest of our clients and provide unique investment management strategies,” says Fliss.

GVCM’s independent financial advisors interact with clients to offer tactical asset allocation or investment management solutions. From a customer’s point of view, GVCM charts out a comprehensive financial plan with the client based on various factors, including financial goals, debt condition, and cash flow. After registering clients’ accounts on their award-winning fintech platform, which integrates leading tech-based innovations into one single ecosystem, GVCM actively monitors and manages them daily to ensure every client is benefitted. This platform provides advisors 24/7 access to financial plans from any device to be altered, compared, and viewed in real-time.
By combining proprietary algorithms and advanced portfolio construction, GVCM delivers a smarter form of diversification, focusing on downside protection.

The right blend of the platform and its advisors helps clients adapt to multi-dimensional forces operating in the globalized investment market and minimize the impact of black swan events that prove destructive for portfolios. At GVCM, clients enjoy a personalized approach to uncovering their financial solutions aligning with their financial goals and dreams. For instance, GVCM is still associated with a client who came to seek investment advice from the firm at the age of 25. GVCM educated its client in financial management and encouraged his growth from being an employee to becoming a firm’s business partner. When the client’s business partner passed away, GVCM helped him consolidate the business by buying a company share for the partner’s widow.
GVCM smoothened the entire growth trajectory of the client with its expert advice, financial education, and innovative business models.

Global View’s key differentiator is that we are alpha-generators in bear markets

GVCM provides services, toolboxes, and platforms to empower financial advisors to seek ownership of their businesses and accelerate growth. GVCM also extends many supporting services to advisors in industry connections, monthly webinar training, necessary resources, and more.

The company is granting a selected group of advisors and staff, attaining a certain level of productivity, with shares of ownership in the firm. Besides providing operational support to the advisors, GVCM is all set to make them the true partners of the firm.

The organization upholds teamwork, excellence, integrity, trust, and respect, assuring clients with a rock-solid wealth management plan to support their financial goals. Starting in 2010 with the mission to create a win-win situation for its clients, financial advisors, and the company, GVCM’s passionate and independent investment professionals, are constantly bringing a difference in the lives of others through comprehensive financial services and paving the road to secure financing.