Groce, Rose & Moore is an M&A Consulting Firm with domestic and international outreach that focuses on client Mergers, Acquisitions, Consolidations, Consultations and Business Valuation Services. They assist contracted clients who are looking to buy, sell, expand, consolidate, want consultative services or simply need to understand their options and the effects of their choices. Their firm is agnostic in their business approach and represents a wide range of clientele, all with unique needs.

Groce, Rose & Moore has built their reputation on finding the right fit for their clients. First and foremost they do this by listening. They then focus on what is important to the client, their business and any shareholders. Although the client is in charge of the process, GRM does the work so that they may concentrate on their business.

Working with family offices, private equity firms, corporations and individuals, GRM really keeps their clients best interests in mind while providing stimulating ideas and solutions to facilitate a greater return on investment. Apart from their vast knowledge and experience, what makes GRM different is their ability to understand and care about their clients’ personal and business goals.
  • Groce, Rose & Moore is agnostic in their business approach and represents a wide range of clientele, all with unique needs

Separate from the above list of associations, but worth noting separately are the client leads they receive via unique Strategic Alliances with attorneys, accountants, bankers, financial advisors, brokers, other M&A consultants, etc.

The GRM business model is designed to help their clients whether they are in the beginning, middle or, end of their business life cycle. GRM’s outreach both domestically and internationally assures clients of the best options available through a professional review, analysis and comprehensive approach that provide them solutions to their needs.

No matter their current business model, structure or financial condition, there are actions that they should and could be taking now. As an aspect of strategic management or investments, the team at GRM will assist them in selling - acquiring - growing - downsizing - understanding their company’s value, changing the nature of their business, competitive position and more.
During the course their business interactions with all involved parties, Groce, Rose & Moore strives to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equitably.

Groce, Rose & Moore Areas of Client Involvement


• Seek and/or work with clients contracted to acquire businesses. Present to them opportunities that may fit their needs or investment criteria.


• Seek and/or represent clients contracted to sell their business. Develop a potential buyer NDA, the client specific Blind Profile and a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM or Deck). Introduce them to qualified potential buyers that have viewed the Blind Profile, shown an interest, signed the NDA and reviewed the CIM.


• Seek and/or assist clients contracted to consolidate one or more businesses, brands or service areas.

Business Valuations

• Determine the value of a company utilizing an accredited strategically aligned outside source under our brand.


• Review and provide advice on issues, opportunities, possibilities and realities.

The three partners of GRM, Dennis B. Groce, Warren Rose, and Paul Moore, have decades of experience in different industries and bring a vast amount of expertise to the table. The thirteen associates within the company also come from a variety of different backgrounds across various sectors. Using this experience and expertise collectively, the company can address any client need.