Jay Turo, Managing Partner, GT SecuritiesJay Turo, Managing Partner
The investment banking regulatory landscape has changed greatly in the past ten years. At the forefront of those changes is the regulatory environment. More than ever, independent investment bankers are challenged not only with an intense competitive landscape, but also with a host of ever-changing and growing federal and state regulatory requirements.

Add to this scary mix the challenges and dangers created by the Pandemic. Regulators have learned how to supervise and investigate securities industry professionals “from a distance,” with both an Internet-savvy “forensics”-based approach along with more numerous documentation and record-keeping requests than ever before.

So, what is the enterprising investment banker – one interested in both conducting business with cost and time efficiency while staying in full regulatory compliance – to do?

Enter GT Securities.

GT Securities is a full-service compliance and regulatory banking platform on which Independent Investment Bankers, M&A Advisors and global and domestic Institutional Financiers transact deals.

Since 2001, The firm’s global network of 100+ banking professionals have completed hundreds of financings (primary and secondary, debt and equity) and M&A transactions across almost every industry and geography.

As GT Securities’ Managing Partner Jay Turo says, “All of us here at GT Securities take great pride in the extraordinary professionalism, character, and history of transaction successes of our bankers. With the risk of bragging, I would say that on our platform are the best boutique bankers in the world.”

According to Turo, bankers are attracted to GT Securities for several important reasons. “First and foremost, our 20 years of experience as a FINRA/SIPC broker-dealer has taught us what “good” business is, and what it isn’t.

We take great pride in the fact that our global network of investment banking professionals has completed hundreds of transactions across almost every industry and geography in the world

Along with what diligence, documentation, and disclosure is expected by all the relevant regulators to a particular transaction,” says Turo.

“The next benefit is speed,” Turo continues. “Ours is a “fast” compliance platform that provides high speed, efficient turn-around on mandates and deals. And our lean, technology-based platform allows us to offer industry-leading payouts, where the vast majority of earned fees flow to the banker.”

GT Securities also offers access to best-in-class tools that enable more efficient dealmaking, including research & technology platforms like PitchBook, CapitalIQ, IBISWorld, Hoovers & Statista.

Leveraging these unique and impressive capabilities, bankers on the GT Securities platform have had some amazing client and transaction success stories, including a growing percentage of both global and secondary financing transactions.

Such passion towards delivering better outcomes to clients has inspired the company to explore more avenues of growth and opportunity, especially in technology. “We’re continually enhancing our capabilities by implementing the latest FinTech tools ensuring more time and cost efficient dealmaking, while staying in full regulatory compliance. I have never been more excited by where the firm is going than I am right now,” concludes Turo.