Martin Hearn, Registered Representative, DBA Hearn Wealth Management, Hearn Wealth ManagementMartin Hearn, Registered Representative, DBA Hearn Wealth Management
Hearn Wealth management is a beacon of financial security for its clients, especially those in and nearing retirement. The firm helps clients turn their savings into a steady income stream, dream house, or estate for loved ones. After taking that priority off its retiring clients’ wealth management to-do list, it explores avenues for growth in tune with each client’s risk appetite.

Hearn Wealth Management reroutes around the cookie-cutter approach to creating an investment portfolio by considering the wealth management factors unique to its clients, like the pension stance, inheritance, and taxable or non-taxable assets. Offering holistic wealth management, Hearn Wealth Management also caters to clients on aspects like estate planning, tax planning, and gifting.

“Our investment models are unique and we implement them into someone’s portfolio to hopefully achieve their goals. It is essential for us to adapt clients’ portfolio to their changing lifestyle and risk tolerances.” “Our goal is not just to manage client assets; we aspire to make a positive difference in our client’s lives with all aspects of financial planning.” says Martin Hearn, owner and registered representative at Hearn Wealth Management.

Hearn Wealth Management’s All-Weather Investment Portfolio is a cornerstone of the company’s investment offerings. It’s goal to protect clients’ portfolio from large declines even when the long-term market trend is downward. Part of the portfolio’s All-Weather strategy entails lowering equity holdings during a downward market trajectory and focusing on finding investments that tend to profit during a down market.
Then, at the indication of an upward market trend, it reverses the strategy while staying anchored to the principles of risk and volatility management.

By responding to the needs for each client, Hearn Wealth Management identifies the proper mix of stocks, bonds, annuities, and alternate investments that fit their goals. While asset management may be the primary concern of their clients, their experience and knowledge also can help create the proper insurance, estate, gifting, and tax planning approach for each client’s total financial wellness.

Hearn Wealth Management’s client-centricity is another key differentiator. The nimble and agile firm is a phone call away from clients. Through newsletters and frequent communications, it keeps clients in the loop about any portfolio updates. In addition, Hearn hosts zoom sessions called ‘Coffee and Donuts Talk’ every Monday morning, where he addresses participants’ wealth management and financial advisory queries, whether clients of Hearn Wealth Management or not.

Our goal is not just to manage client assets; we aspire to make a positive difference in our client’s lives with all aspects of financial planning

Hearn Wealth Management was a ‘fiduciary’ long before the term became a marketing buzzword among financial advisors and wealth managers. His financial advisory career predates the financial crash of 2008 and the dull market days of the early 2000s. A seasoned financial advisor running Hearn Wealth Management with his son Martin Hearn Jr. and a force of dedicated and experienced back-office team, Hearn Wealth Management materializes the ideals of tailored wealth management services.

Backed by expertise of almost three decades, Hearn Wealth Management continues to script wealth management success stories that ref lect its clients’ needs and best interests.