John Hill, Jr., Co-founder & Senior Managing Director , Hyde Park CapitalJohn Hill, Jr., Co-founder & Senior Managing Director
Combining forces, selling, or buying a company, sounds like an exciting strategic move, however, it can become a nightmare for owners and senior executives if not managed correctly. Mergers and acquisitions are complex and includes many aspects such as effective financial management and reporting, valuation analysis, legal, insurance, IP, HR and other operational matters, due diligence, tracking key performance indicators, plus much more.

Tampa, Florida based Hyde Park Capital is an investment banking firm that uses its rich experience and tech-driven solutions to provide seamless mergers and acquisitions advisory help. The firm specializes in working with founder & family-owned companies to help optimize the outcome of an exit strategy- typically considering price, terms, structure and fit.

“In more than two decades, we have closed hundreds of deals in selling businesses to corporate and financial buyers,” says John Hill, Jr., Co-founder & Senior Managing Director of Hyde Park Capital.

Hyde Park Capital’s specialty is managing M&A deals in the middle market for large private companies typically priced in the $25 million to $500 million range, where they have closed more than $5 billion worth of transactions over the past 22 years.

The story of Hyde Park Capital began way before it was founded, when Hill and his partner John McDonald worked for Raymond James, one of the biggest banking firms in the country. They were managing large capital markets transactions including IPOs and secondary offerings of equity and debt. As senior bankers, Hill and McDonald also learned the dynamics of mergers and acquisitions. When they founded Hyde Park Capital, they knew Florida was a market ripe with opportunities.
Their experience and team of licensed bankers has enabled the company to make indelible marks working with companies in technology, healthcare, industrial and business services and across other industries.

Hyde Park Capital has one core focus; helping clients get the best results. Whether someone wants to sell their entire business or a percentage of their company, sellers want to get full value. Hyde Park Capital has made it possible for many company owners and sellers to achieve the best prices and deal terms available and not leave money on the table.
  • In more than two decades, we have closed hundreds of deals in selling businesses to corporate and financial buyers

Sellers often don’t know the mechanics involved in mergers and acquisitions. Hyde Park Capital provides this much-needed expertise. They guide founders and family-owned companies through a highly organized sale process. The M&A process and financial semantics can be overwhelming, but clear communication prevents misunderstandings and helps create positive outcomes. Hyde Park’s clients benefit from Hyde Park’s long-standing relationships and network of thousands of financial buyers and PE firms and corporate buyers.

Hyde Park Capital is a trusted advisor and M&A expert for their clients. A seller might not understand their best options or what is the value of their business and what are reasonable terms. When a deal involves many millions of dollars, every detail matters. Hyde Park Capital’s primary job is to manage the sale process for owners and help assure they maximize the value they receive in a transaction. Hyde Park can help owners avoid leaving significant money on the table because they did not run a process and are not experts at M&A and valuation.

Working in mergers and acquisitions opens the door to strong relationships with high-performing business leaders and entrepreneurs. Hyde Park Capital has made the best of these opportunities. Organizations choose to work with them not just because of the value they get from the partnership, but for their integrity and experience. They know that when Hyde Park Capital is on their side- on the most important transaction they will likely ever pursue – the sale of their company is in safe and strong hands.