Carrie Richardson, Vice President, ICACarrie Richardson, Vice President
Today’s claim adjusters need to leverage technology tools to accelerate their process, like damage assessment and documentation, to resolve issues promptly. It ensures effective use of their claims adjustment expertise, helping clients get the indemnity promised by the insurer while remaining in the middle ground between the insurance company and their claimants. This is where ICA brings value to businesses.

ICA has been operating since 1991, perfecting its offerings to meet every client need in the claims adjustment space. A subsidiary of insurance stalwart Brown & Brown Inc., the firm holds all the top-tier resources, experience, and technical support to perform at optimum levels as a multi-line, fullservice, independent claims adjusting company. They also have a sister company called American Claims Management that offers complete third-party administration, for which ICA handles all the relevant field services.

As a premier national independent adjusting firm, ICA offers comprehensive claims management solutions for personal and commercial loss–from daily to catastrophic events. The company’s proprietary software enables cross-platform integration along with mobile capabilities offering users real-time access to the claims and payroll details. The software also handles client claims files which translate into efficient workflows while delivering industrydefining results. Particularly during times of crisis, this enables the firm to seamlessly support clients in a timely and precise manner.

ICA’s diverse, hands-on management team, along with fully credentialed adjusters, provides onsite and virtual inspections and investigations for commercial, residential liability and assetappraisals. The team also has extensive experience in collecting written and recorded statements and documents regarding property damage, securing salvage, negotiating settlements and identifying subrogation.
“Our property and casualty claims adjusters have been trained in the art of investigation which enables us to provide accurate documentation for every type of claims handling,” says Carrie Richardson, Vice President of ICA.

The claims handling process at ICA begins with a team deployed to the site to gain an understanding of the damage. This boots-on-theground approach also enables them to help businesses set reserves for claims exposure. The team then performs asset appraisals to identify and evaluate damages incurred during catastrophes. They also do risk assessments of safety measures such as fire suppression systems. It gives them insight as to whether or not the commercial or residential property has been properly insured. Based on the assessments, they are able to accurately drafts claims. The company always ensures customers receive adequate compensation for all damages.

Our property and casualty claims adjusters have been trained in the art of investigation which enables us to provide accurate documentation for every type of claims handling

During the pandemic, when onsite visits were impossible, ICA expanded its online services and created a virtual environment to conduct evaluations. This allowed businesses and homeowners to send videos of damaged assets. The ICA team can capture live photographs, allowing them to carry out claims handling processes remotely and promptly throughout the entire aftermath of a catastrophe.

Apart from claims handling, the ICA team is capable of assisting underwriters during risk assessment valuations for indemnification. They accurately identify the causes of loss and write adequate estimates of repairs for indemnity payments. With an extensive roster of fully qualified professionals across the U.S., ICA discerns itself in the claims adjustment space. This enables them to offer claim adjustment services coast-to-coast on par with more prominent insurance adjusters. It also gives ICA a unique advantage when it comes to scaling services to meet client requirements during adverse events. The technology-driven innovative business model built for providing quality customer service, powers ICA to constantly outperform expectations and stay ahead of the curve.