Nicholas Harper L, Co-Founder and CTO and Patricio Ramirez, Founder, and CEO, ICGS SystemsNicholas Harper L, Co-Founder and CTO and Patricio Ramirez, Founder, and CEO
The burden of administrative tasks is one of the most significant financial deterrents enterprises face, hindering them from performing core responsibilities such as designing investment strategies and executing trades. Most of the companies in the industry struggle to improve their bottom line as they have to divert their resources towards completing various unproductive tasks. A Chilean independent company, ICG Systems, takes these challenges head-on with specialized technological solutions that enable financial companies to manage their investments effortlessly; without expending the workforce’s crucial time. The company’s solutions assist in managing investments for financial companies, especially mutual fund administrators, investment fund administrators, and companies that manage their own or third-party portfolios. “We are a boutique technological solutions provider that adds a personal touch to the management of investments for financial companies,” states Patricio Ramirez, Founder, and CEO of ICGS Systems.

The company’s software ICGS System automates a variety of back office, middle office, and front office functions for mutual funds, investment funds, and portfolio management companies. The ICGS system is a one-stop solution, incorporating all the functionalities of an investment fund system, including calculation of share value and net asset value (NAV), accounting, investment limits, cash flow, compliance, and valuation functions. It enables clients’ workforce to focus on their core competencies without getting bogged down by mundane and unproductive tasks.

ICGS Systems follows a very intuitive process for onboarding and enables clients to be operational with a few relevant sets of information. Once clients submit the necessary information, the ICGS System processes all the calculations and reports on financial asset management and delivers them in real-time.
The company’s ICGS system is featured in two modalities, namely investment fund modality and portfolio management modality. While the investment fund modality enables clients to process mutual funds, public investment funds, and private investment funds, the portfolio management modality bundles various functions to assist clients as family offices, wealth management and investment companies.

Moreover, ICGS Systems also customizes its solution to cater to clients’ unique requirements that license the software in its investment funds and portfolio management modality, for seamless management of their business. The company accompanies clients throughout the implementation process and renders high-level support thereafter to ensure a seamless journey. The greatest virtue of ICGS Systems is its understanding of the LatinAmerican financial market, enabling the company to serve clients’ necessities. Clients also benefit immensely from the experience of both the founders Patricio and Nicholas, who have served in various facets of the LatinAmerica financial market. Thus, ICGS Systems can render prompt resolution to many financial obstacles.
  • We are a boutique technological solutions provider specializing in managing investments for financial companies

This diligent work ethic is showcased in a recent collaboration with a financial service provider that used Excel spreadsheets to calculate NAV for investment banks in Chile and other Latin American companies. These processes, while being cumbersome, also exhausted a significant amount of their workforce’s time. However, after implementing the ICGS system, the client was able to automate the entire process of NAV calculation, saving crucial time and enabling its workforce to focus on core competencies.

With its innovative solutions, ICGS Systems has established itself as a leader in the Chilean financial market. The company now aims to translate the same success in other Latin American regions, including Brazil, Mexico, and others, and is strengthening its software with new features to fit the market’s needs.