Terry Sutherland, CEO and Ryan Keller, CIO, ILINX SoftwareTerry Sutherland, CEO and Ryan Keller, CIO
Processing documents is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone task, and has always, bogged down the workf lows of financial institutions. Take, for instance, loan processing. At hundreds of pages each, processing loan packets in high volumes can become exceedingly resource-intensive, resulting in cluttered workf low and data management, lapses in security and compliance adherence, and even loss of business. This is where a robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can automate the naturally document-intensive processes of these financial establishments. An ECM solution digitizes the reports and documents to streamline business processes, improves the speed of business operations, and, subsequently, decision making while enhancing customer services.

ILINX Software integrates its ECM solution with line-of-business systems to automate information processes across an organization. “With ILINX, we automate the highly inefficient loan processes by reducing human error and streamlining document classification and separation. This helps organizations to reduce headcount and empower processes that can handle growth,” mentions Terry Sutherland, CEO of ImageSource, Inc.

Built with a focus on functionality, simplicity, and affordability, the ILINX platform includes ILINX Capture, ILINX eForms, and ILINX Content Store and more. The platform keeps the data f lowing and enables the capture, processing, and management of virtually any type of business content, from paper documents to email and other digital formats. ILINX offers an array of capabilities to manipulate, append, compare, edit and automate documents. Financial institutions can support production-level operations and automate the ingestion of information from multiple sources that need to be encapsulated into a package or a case. Sutherland says, “There are tons of paper coming into the process that needs to be encapsulated into a package. It is a long-term transaction where there are many interactions. That is where we can help reduce risk and keep the workf low package together through the review and approval process.”

The robust yet lean web-based architecture of the ILINX platform provides a secure repository, scalable and affordable capture, search, and record retention for all the document types. Such comprehensive features allow financial institutions to easily audit and track information at every step of the loan process. In addition to being browser and device agnostic, the ILINX platform provides the f lexibility to maintain and control access from a central location. Its technology ensures all the customer data and content is securely stored, thereby assuring PCI and other compliance requirements.

At ImageSource we automate the inefficient processes, like loan processing by eliminating human error and streamlining document processing and approvals

This is especially powerful as many of the steps are now being executed in a work-from-home world.

The company’s ability to help clients meet SLA (Service Level Agreements)—backed by the power of their platform—providing excellent customer service is what makes them different. “We don’t just sell software, we partner with our customers to solve business problems, and we implement solutions for our customers and that go beyond expectations to help them succeed,” says Ryan Keller, CIO at ImageSource, Inc.

The ILINX platform has helped several entities to accelerate their loan process and embrace mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic by allowing them to remotely operate and maintain revenue. ImageSource has also enabled financial services organizations to secure PII (personally identifiable information)extending compliance to an at-home workforce, using ILINX modules to redact and secure personal information on documents accessed remotely. A large credit union in the US was able to do away with the time-consuming fax machine to share documents by leveraging the ILINX Capture Mobile app that enables users to index and route images within the ILINX Capture Workf low. This helped the client to gain a competitive advantage by capturing on-the-go accelerating business transactions and eliminating lag time associated with traditional operations. In another instance, the ILINX platform automated the mortgage process for a big bank, reducing it from a 60-day to 7-day cycle. This has had a substantial impact on the bottom line of business and helped them maintain their SLA’s.

Leveraging its traditional on-premise success stories to address evolving customer needs, a major release of the ILINX platform will be available later this year. The company also offers cloud, hybrid deployment, and managed services models to better serve its clients. “We are a company driven by technology and lead by people. When we innovate and build our products, it will always be about people and solving the customer’s business problems with a great toolset,” concludes Sutherland.