The financial services sector is accelerating its adoption of digital technology, following the global trends, core element of which is the expansion of mobile banking,” says Mr. Yiannis Tsenes, the Managing Director of INDICE.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged financial infrastructures, casting doubt on existing architectures and digital product delivery pipelines. On one hand systems were not designed to address the sudden increase in demand. On the other hand, delivery teams could not keep up with the pace of change.

It was also made clear that the most successful products are the ones tailored to the specific needs of the customer. However, building this kind of personalization feature requires infrastructure that supports real-time insights from vast amounts of data from a variety of data sources. Data and analytics, powered by AI, can enable personalized, contextualized interactions across the entire banking life cycle.


Founded in 2009, INDICE is a software engineering and cloud computing hub, providing state-of-the-art business software solutions and services for financial institutions, insurance companies, and large private-sector corporations. The company’s team comprises highly skilled experts, ranging from software architects and quality engineers to business analysts and UX specialists, accumulating their vast experience in the delivery of large-scale engineering projects alongside their deep knowledge of best business practices.

“We offer the Open Banking Accelerator; a modern, secure, and extensible platform enabling competent teams to implement digital experiences for customers, internal users and third parties for any channel,” says Yiannis.

Customers use INDICE’s platform to support innovation, quickly meet their compliance requirements and ultimately deliver on customer expectations for modern, usable, and secure digital experiences. Its server technology stack is based on the Microsoft ecosystem. The solution consists of components that include full-blown web and mobile banking applications and a beautiful modern corporate website. It also encompasses a complete PSD2 API solution that includes API management and orchestration systems, documentation, and sample projects for integrators and back-office web applications for configuration management and monitoring.
Furthermore, the Case Management module aims at delivering workflow-aware customer requests (including KYC requests, document upload, new product applications etc).

The recent collaboration with a long-established Greek bank, resulted in a unified experience across all channels and services for all the bank’s customers and employees. Through INDICE’s API-first cloud native digital banking platform, the Bank saw a 70% increase in adoption of digital services, with minimal maintenance and no increase in customer complaints, while the mobile application reached 4.9 corresponding ratings.

With a proven track record in successful digital transformation projects for many customers in different markets like banking, insurance, logistics, energy, and retail, INDICE brings expertise throughout the entire transformation lifecycle from envisioning and planning to deployment, support, adoption, and change management.
  • We are digital banking experts empowering financial institutions to provide beautifully designed, intuitive digital experiences

No wonder, that INDICE delivered over 200 contracts for more than 50 different customers in Greece, Europe, and the U.S. The company’s skilled and experienced team ensures a complete offering of strategy, implementation, and operation available as an array of end-to-end services. In addition, INDICE practices a solid agile software delivery methodology and encourages the inclusion of business and technical persons from the bank in any active project.

With more than 10 years’ experience in implementing digital transformation projects in financial institutions, INDICE’s team follows regional and global trends as well as regulatory requirements and continuously evolves its banking platform to respond to emergent needs.

“We are digital banking experts with a commitment to engineering excellence, empowering financial institutions to provide beautifully designed, intuitive digital experiences,” says Mr. Tsenes. “We have an innovative and courageous mindset, focused on offering products and solutions that redefine customer experience.”